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Part 48: Episode XLIII: In Which Legna is Over This Shit

Episode XLIII: In Which Legna is Over This Shit

Welcome to the final chapter of Drakengard 2 (in this playthrough anyway.) World's End, eh? You know, this has been a pretty lukewarm apocalypse. The sky shattering was spiffy and all. But...what has happened beyond that? In the first game we went straight from the seals being broken to mutant goddesses, grotesqueries, dragon wars, 50 story tall children, or Tokyo. Here we've gotten vague history lessons and fought a few weird booger monsters, ghosts, and some weak dragons. Meh...

I'm glad they nipped that whole "Manah is possessed by cosmic horrors" thing in the bud before it became interesting. Drakengard 2 subscribes to a strict dogma that both leads must be as bland and uninteresting as humanly possible.

Anyhow, the "Promised Land" is apparently that big volcano dead center in the middle of the map. Somehow the 80+ year old Verdelet found the massive fire spewing mountain and also kept it a secret from everyone by his successor up until now. Even when our path over the map to other locations clearly flew us over the thing a few times. Oh well....let's get on with it...

Verse 1: The Promised Land - Music: Symphonic Poem - "Forbidden Prelude" (Hey, listen to this if you haven't yet!)

"What's in the Promised Land? What would Hierarch Seere be doing there?"
"Doing his sole job in restoring the seals to fix this mess."
" does he do that?"

"He'll perform the sealing ceremony, and restore order to the world."
"Hierarch Seere found a goddess? I didn't think he could manage anything on his own. I'm impressed."
"That is probably because he never had to do anything until SOMEONE broke all the seals and slew the previous goddess... Not that I am naming names..."

You will not receive a gold star for guessing who the new goddess is going to be...

"Almost, Nowe."
"Are we there yet?"
"Soon, Nowe..."
"Are we getting close?"
"Yes, Nowe."
"Well how much farther?"
"We are there! Alright, Nowe! This is it! Gods!"
"There's no need to get so worked up about it."

So despite the sweeping epic score for this mission, this stage is...yet more filler. No giant dong sporting legendary dragon or anything of particular note. Just lightning spewing griffons and more ghosts. The final stage of the first game was some bizarrely out of place burning modern metropolis and was kind of a cool area. In Drakengard 2 we get a...rocky featureless wasteland with a moderately large volcano in the middle.

"I wasn't there for any of that, Nowe."
"Oh yeah, right... Sorry, I forgot. Umm...okay back there, Manah?"
"Insofar as having absolutely nothing left to contribute to the narrative, sure..."
"That's good..."

Towards the end of the mission, giant versions of the Unknown creatures from a couple chapters ago show up to fight. They do not transform into other previous enemies this time. Instead they just rip off the attacks of every other minor aerial monster in the game. But mostly, they are content to just do a dive-bombing Psycho Crusher knock-off around the sky. Not much to be said about the lot of 'em, other than the fact they have FAR too much HP for such a minor nuisance.

After the skies are clear, Legna lands by the mouth of the volcano...

"Indeed, this land... This is our final destination! Your time has come, Nowe!"

"What is this relic?"
"The bone casket, created by the nameless."

"Silence! Your fate has no relevance to me. Repeat your foolish history, if you like. But Nowe is no human. He is a new breed. Come with me."

"I...feel like maybe you ought to have filled me in on some of that 'long story' on the way here..."
"Yes, umm... What...?"
"Oh uhh...well the voice in the flying dragon tower said that I am some sort of artificial creation of some blind lady and another guy. Plus dragons. And I'm supposed to help the dragons get back their throne against some guys that don't have names or...something like that..."
"So you...really are a 'dragon child'...?"
"Yeah, I guess I am part dragon. But I don't feel any stronger and knowing that hasn't changed anything. I mean there was that one time when my hair turned white and I started glowing and grew laser wings. But I think that was just from something I ate."
"W-When did that happen...?"
"Uhh....back when I sliced off Gismor's arm after he poisoned me and told me he murdered my father, Oror."
"Gismor did...he...what?! Why didn't you tell me any of this?!"
<shrug> "Guess it just slipped my mind..."
"Nowe, come!"

"Honestly, I have NOTHING left to do at this point."
"I'm sorry, Legna..."

<Growl> "No. You. Are. NOT! Did you listen to NOTHING in the Ancient Tomb?! I have put up with your idiotic nonsense for eighteen long, trying years with as little complaint as I could muster! The ONE time in ALL of those years I have asked a single thing of your overly needy, whiny, and emotional mess of a self and you dare to reject me?! If this is a joke, I find it to be in exceedingly poor taste, boy."
"If the sealing ceremony succeeds, the world will be saved. I need to see it through. That's my final decision."
"I will say it again. The Book of Seeds is no prophecy. It is a record of the future. It is fact. You will obey."
"You do not even have a role to play in whatever childish rubbish the humans have with their absurd sealing measures. They do not need your moral support to scribble whatever meek magic on their caves to serve as a false security to their meaningless existences. You will obey!"
"Enough of this idiocy!"

Click to view cutscene

So apparently a ridiculous number of Holy Dragons were just waiting on the far side of the mountain for Legna to finally get ticked off enough to summon them out in dramatic fashion. Why do I get the sense we are heading toward Ending C of the first game's redux...?

Before the legion of dragons can so much as make it off the ground for more than a minute, a random laser blasts one in the face and knocks it out of the sky.

The Holy Dragon union collectively wonders what in the hell that was all about...

Oh hey. It's a Golem... And a few friends...

...Make that a LOT of friends. Oh and they're not just any old golems.

They're Cyber Golems with laser cannons in their necks

And so the 482nd Cyborg Golem Battalion of the Knights of the Seal and the Legion of Holy Dragons has a massive war in the skies above the Promised Lands.

And guess what?  Neither faction is ever mentioned or show again after that FMV. Drakengard! 2! 

Verse 1 Cutscenes

Dragons vs. Golems!
(You should watch this.)

Music: Symphonic Poem - "Forbidden Prelude"

Golem Concept Art - Spoilers: We never see any of them again.