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Part 65: Episode LV (Part 2): ...Drakengard 2 Ends

Episode LV (Part 2): ...Drakengard 2 Ends

Welp, this is the end of our journey. Click here to view the cinematic glory that is Ending C of Drakengard 2...

"Is everyone alright?"
"Are you alright?"
"I've surpassed my father."
"Welcome back."
"The other dragons are fading."
"I'm not sure how that works... Also, the sky has fixed itself... And..."
"I... I no longer need to become a goddess..."
"Yeah...that. All the gods just spontaneously dropped dead. If I'd known that was all it took, I would have let General Gismor go through with that plan to ambush and tie down that dragon of yours and take off its head years ago..."
"The gods are gone...?"
"Yes. It's like someone bombed a giant maternity ward in the sky. It's going to be a bitch to clean up all those dead babies, but..."
"Dead babies...?"
"Yes. It turns out the gods were giant naked babies. With teeth."
"That's freaky."
"That is fucked is what it is... Glad they're gone at least. Even if it does mean I am out of a job..."

"No more dragons or gods... This is the beginning of a new world."
"That's right. The world is finally free from the past. No one controls our future anymore... No one."
"At last, the fate of humanity rests in human hands. It's up to us to create a paradise...or a hell."
"...You're right."
"Or perhaps just one human with an army of laser firing golems..."
"There's no need to worry. Let's start anew, Nowe."

"Hey, don't forget about me! You know, I'm a fine seneschal-no not merely fine. Outstanding!"
"You have two allies already. You're lucky, Nowe."
"...You're right."
"I used to have many allies, too. And then someone killed them all..."
"Which is why I'm glad I upgraded to a production line of mechanized golems fully loyal to my every order and increasing in number by the hour..."
"You're really proud of those golems, aren't you my lord?"
"Indeed. Anyhow..."

"Manah would never smile at me like that. I truly envy you, Nowe."
"Uppity bitch."
"Spineless coward."
"Oh, are you still caught up on me being mother's favorite? We were six years old. I had little control over as to who mom beat when she had too much to drink. It's been eighteen fucking years, get over it already!"
"I was abandoned in the woods and possessed by the gods."
"Yeah... And I narrowly missed being butchered by your possessed Imperial soldiers, had mother killed in front of me, and made a pact and am stuck being six years old FOREVER. I'd say we are godda-No... You know what? Manah?"
"Go fuck yourself."

"Everything will be alright, my lord. Our future begins here and now."
"And Nowe scores two girlfriends! Yippee!"


"Those few who survived the wrath of the red dragon and the chaos of the sky falling were left with the toil of slowly rebuilding civilization. With the Knights of the Seal disbanded, lawlessness and anarchy reigned supreme among what was left of the districts. Entire villages were wiped out by bands of unchallenged sub-human tribes. The future brought death and misery to the common man of the region..."

"Urick finally found his place alongside General Oror in the great beyond. His old companion was mortified to discover his adopted son had gone on to dismantle the organization he'd built from the ground up and destroyed the very seals he gave his life protecting."

"With the seals no longer necessary, Heaven's Clock Tower was auctioned off and renovated by a wealthy Lord by the name of Barrows...Burroughs...? I cannot even read what this smeared rubbish says!"

"Caim went on to become the new Grim Reaper of the land. His application to the position simply said 'I murdered the shit out of the last guy'. He was hired on the spot."
"I don't see why you need to become the reaper..."
"Dragon, we've been over this. First of all...come on... If there's one thing I have a goddamn encyclopedic knowledge about, it is death."
"That still seems a silly reason to me."
"And also...a KILLED the grim reaper! I killed DEATH, dragon. I topped out. I don't want the new guy to be some pussy that dies in like a month after some jackass with a whip comes along and slaps him around a few times. Nah. Goddamn Caim was the only one to kill someone so hard that it killed Death and it's gonna stay that way for a very long time."
"Why did I put up with you in the first place..."
"Ah, come on, Angelus. You know you've missed this shit!"
"Well...perhaps a little bit..."

"Seeing the lawless vacuum left by the fall of the Knights of the Seal, Hierarch Seere used his golem army to reunify the land under his rule. With the death of General Gismor, no one was left to keep the young hierarch's ambition in check. Seere went on to be crowned Child Emperor of the New Empire. The brutal reign of 'The Little Hero' lasted into the far, far future."

"Eris, having realized she was only interested in her childhood friend due to his fire breathing dragon companion, soon abandoned her foolish pursuit of Nowe. She returned to her services under Hierarch Seere and became his right hand during the reunification of the land. She led a happy and prosperous life smiting heretics against the New Empire. After all, it doesn't feel like work..."
"...when you so thoroughly enjoy it."

"Following the events at the Promised Land, Nowe wandered east with Manah by his side. No one heard from the two of them again. Their fate remains unknown..."

"Nah. Just kidding. We lived happily ever after."
"Yup. I know I totally don't deserve a happy ending whatsoever. But hey..."

" Cavia."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Drakengard 2. The final entry in our saga of the Cavia Chronicles. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I sure didn't... But, at the very least I hope the next time you find yourself playing some terrible game starring a dumbass anime least you'll be able to say that there is no way they are worse than Nowe.

"Thank you for playing!"