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Part 60: Side Episode: A Look at New Game Plus ~ EXTREME

Side Episode: A Look at New Game Plus ~ EXTREME

So we've come to the conclusion of Drakengard 2's second playthrough. Hurray!

But, while this LP is nearly at its end, my trials continue. For after the completion of Ending B, I get the fun of replaying the entire game...again...for Ending C and the last handful of weapons. But, that is not all!

For those who truly wish to 100% Drakengard 2, Cavia has seen it fit to unleash its full hatred of the player by automatically bumping the difficulty level to Extreme for the final round of the proceedings. Just how X-treme is Extreme difficulty?

Well, the tutorial battle Gismor took off nearly 50% of my Level 99 Nowe's health with just a single swipe of his sword.'s kinda tough going... But, Cavia has provided a few tools to help along the path. Some are a bit appreciated. Others...much less so...

First up, yet another new weapon!

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


A master blacksmith, embittered by the god's maltreatment of the world, vowed to forge a weapon with which to destroy them.

The power of the seal negates the power of the gods, and the seal derives its power from the goddess... So the blacksmith sealed the power of the goddess into his creation.

She was a legendary goddess who held the seeds within her body and saved mankind from ruin.

Sealed inside was time, the conqueror of space and all dimensions.

Description: A legendary axe made by a master blacksmith.
Traits: Very powerful.
Magic: "Deadly Fang" - Fangs of death slice through the earth, tearing enemies apart.

Yeah umm...well, I guess it's the thought that counts. Too bad Broken Iron is still a way better weapon.

Next, we receive an 180,000 Gold bonus for completing Ending B. About 179,000 of it will go straight to medical bills and healing supplies...

Lastly, we have a couple new Orb accessories if we want to waste defensive buffs in lieu of dopey costume changes.

Nowe's Knight Orb will...change Nowe into his Knights of the Seal outfit, in case you really preferred that uniform over his metrosexual attire and wanted him to continue wearing it past Chapter 3.


And last, but not least, we have Eris's Holy Orb. This is probably the only one that got a mild bit of effort put into it.

Eris gets changed into her Goddess outfit from Ending A and I believe it is the sole costume that truly only appears as a bonus and not just re-used assets. Still useless as all hell. But, there you go...

Welp. That's about it. Now, I retire to the dire fate that is replaying this awful game...again...