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Part 10: Episode X: In Which We Discover the Lamest Pact

Episode X: In Which We Discover the Lamest Pact

Alright, folks. Time to dive into Chapter 3. This time we're off to the "Desert of the Moon" which seems to occupy the better part of Bizarro-Germany stretching over most of the south eastern part of the continent.

If by "chance" you mean "due to telepathically hearing guys hundreds of miles away", then sure. Chance encounters...

Verse 1: Reunion

And again if by "immediately" in the sense of "after several hours while first dicking around with fairies and recruiting blind monks in the woods", then sure. Immediately...

It's worth mentioning that we can now add an ally, namely Leonard, to the battle with Caim. It's also worth mentioning that I completely forgot to use him in the next available Ground Mission because Red is actually useful for once during it.

So, apparently Caim just wandered around the desert for a bit and stumbled on Furiae. That's good, I guess.

"...Yes. To protect me."
"And what of the rest of the Union soldiers?"
"They were captured as well."
" did you manage to evade capture?"
"Well, there was this large rock over there. I hid behind that."
"And...that worked?"
"I do not see where you are going with this."
"Forget it. I am simply adding pebbles to my steady monument of regret for getting involved with humans."

Alternatively, the evil empire that has no problem razing everything it comes across and turning children into human pincushions just marched them to the gallows and we shouldn't bother with this subplot. Just throwing that out there...

Yes, surely a bard and a preacher have more importance than the human seal against unspeakable evil that everyone is trying to capture/kill.

Apparently, Caim agrees and just sort of ditches Furiae in the middle of nowhere by herself. Well...alright then...

Verse 2: To the Dungeon

This is one of I believe three flying sections of this chapter. A rather large design flaw in Drakengard makes itself abundantly known in the next update. You'll see what I mean...

Not in the slightest.
"I am glad we discussed this moral dilemma."
I can't see people unless they're burning, dragon. Let's fix that.

Poor Inuart. Cast by the very powers that be into the deep dark pit of despair known as "The Friend Zone".

Are you calling my sister a whore?
"I was suggesting nothing of the sort. Merely, I feel you should loo-"
'cause this one prick back in Caerleon once suggest something like that. Let's just say the amount of damage a tea cup can inflict shouldn't be underestimated.
"Why do I even bother talking to you?"

I don't know? Can I do that now? I never tried.
"I will take that as a 'no'."
Why? Is there something interesting? 'cause I read her diary once and it was pretty boring.
" do not know...?"
Know what? Hey! Look! I don't think that tower has spotted us yet. I love the look of terror in their eyes and the startled pointing before they get roasted. It's just hilarious.
"You know what? I'll just let you find out that secret on your own."

Verse 3: Prisoners

I like this stage quite a bit for one very important reason:

Red is actually useful with minimal bullshit. This mission lacks Red Dudes and archers are only at sparse intervals at the corners of the prison. Flying in a wide circle around the perimeter of the dungeon lets Red clean house with minimal harassment for once.

Seems old Verdelet is actually alive and at the prison. This isn't what I would call a "good" thing as

Verdelet has the largest gap in the usefulness to annoyance ratio. The former being almost none and the latter being second in line behind Leonard's Fairy. Unfortunately, Fairy only has a few instances of dialogue while Verdelet is the running "Disembodied Voiceover Freaking Out" for the better part of the game.

Puzzlingly, despite the whole reason Caim and Red came out to the desert in the first place was because they heard this Verdelet guy...but...Red doesn't recognize his voice. I'm not sure how that works exactly but it's not like this is the first, or last, time Drakengard will have a slight leap in logic.

Despite being one of the leaders of the Union, the hierarch was placed in the minimum security county prison. Only Inuart got moved to Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Ass-Until-Evil Prison.

A few more minutes of Red cleaning house and this short chapter comes to a close. Too bad the next one is five times longer. And the one following that is five times longer than the last... And they all take place on the exact same map.

Verse 4: Verdelet Released

Time for another Event Stage!

...said the main wearing full Union armor with an icon of the Union banner by his portrait.

Meeting up with Verdelet by the prison entrance triggers the next cutscene. Nobody asks how he and the others managed to bust out of their cells. A can assume a wizard having done it is indeed a viable answer in this world.

Verdelet is the only major character that joins us who doesn't get an FMV intro so here's a better look at the fellow:

As mentioned earlier in the game, Verdelet had a pact with a...petrified dragon... Concept art seems to suggest he was wounded in a battle or something along those lines and happened upon a petrified dragon. He then asked for a pact with the dragon who wisely said nothing because IT'S A FUCKING PETRIFIED DRAGON!

Now, you ask what Verdelet lost for his pact price? It's quite simple, really. He lost: Hair... He lost his hair. He has no hair and he had a pact with a dead petrified dragon. And I thought Leonard was bad at this pact thing...

Caim's reputation precedes him. Tales of the legendary "Only Competent Soldier in the Union" run far and wide.

Caim shows Verdelet some respect here. Remember this scene well. The starting point and ending point between Caim and Verdelet's association with one another will end at a hilariously different place by the end of the series.

"The Empire is not satisfied with mere conquest. They seek complete reconstruction."
"Of the world?"

Oh? What's this? A Wild Plot Has Appeared!

Man, are they going to have egg on their faces when they turn out to be the Seeds of Destruction or something.

"As each seal is broken, the burden on the goddess grows greater still! By the way...tell me... where is the goddess?"
<waves sword vaguely in the distance>


And thus Caim and Verdelet's relationship takes a turn for the sour.

That said, Red will go on to spend the entire next Verse preaching to Caim.

*takes a big breath* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hahahahahaha! Bwahahaha! Oh, that's rich.

"I suppose you want me to go immolate another company of soldiers now?"
"You're going to be the death of me."

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