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by davidspackage

Part 11

Go and destroy that fortress, guys.

The spy troops have found another fortress, no time to check in with them now.

In fact, I think I'll join my troops in battle. Nothing can stop me!

Actually, maybe I shouldn't. I'd probably arrive before my troops did and totally die or something.

I'll just sit out in the desert for a few hours.

Still no word from the troops, but I just realized I forgot to visit some sietchs in the south. I'll check those out...




Yaoookay that's enough, next sietch.

All these troops working together should get some bulbs ready soon enough.

Victory! Let's party!

Man, Harkonnens aren't much for furniture. And wh- holy crap, firemen's pole. I am making this my new base of operations. It's like Ghostbusters, you guys!

What? No! You're going to tear down my sliding pole?

Easy on my ass, Stilgar.

Hey, the fortress had prisoners. Now they're mine.

You'll get your revenge soon enough, my fiery-browed friend. First go train with Gurney.

Finally, the fortress also has some extra weapons lying around. My troops'll appreciate that. Things are looking up!


I don't want to get sick!

Mr. Devil's Haircut here is being a real pussy about his upset stomach. Maybe I should tell Gurney to be harder on them.

What luck that my blue-eyed bunny knows everything about diseases.

I don't see this going wrong. I think I'll check in with mom while Chani does her thing.

Are you sure you're not just trying to get me to kill myself, mom?

My eyes?

My eyes!

OK whatever. I'll go to the sietch where Stilgar first showed me the water.

Hell yes. Now what, mister Smirkies?

Hurry, all I see is darkness.

Oh, I had my eyes closed.



Ugh. My mouth tastes like I made out with Thufir.

I'm sure mom can tell me.

Really? I gotta try this out.

I shouldn't have tried it on the Prospectors. They just seem way too excited about my strong contact.

They uncovered some heavy Spice, though. That's good.

The ecologists are taking their sweet time...

Yeah yeah good job turning that awesome firemen fortress into a cave. Just start scouting for other fortresses already.

I'm doing pretty well, though the Harkonnens still have more territory. That needs changing.

Ah, the mustache bandits found a fort.

This is risky. Better look around a bit more.

These guys can go spy as well.

I'll pull these guys back and head to the palace again.

How wonderful! I'll go see my sweetie right now.

I hate you guys.