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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 14

Buffy Oak

A small location, where the people just sit around all day and enjoy each other's company. They talk, laugh, and sing without ever arguing, drawing daggers, and dying in a gurgling rush of blood. A truly bizarre place.

And so unlike our last realm of attack, these two Keepers before us, Keeper Pilfor, and Keeper Xin, had signed an alliance in blood against us. But in the time they had taken to seal their deal of desperation, we had taken the best tactical position, we had already secured our gems, and a moat, and plenty of room to grow.

With two portals to their one, we quickly expanded our dungeon into the other preconstructed rooms.

And we began training from the moment we began.

Seeing our opponents desperately rush to keep pace, we moved forward and claimed the forward landmass to deny them the advantage, and in doing so, we discovered an experience bonus, which was put to immediate, good, use.

However, Keeper Pilfor (Ironic, is it not, that he got the portal, whilst Xin had to rely on his minions from a previous realm), with his greater number of troops, but not as well trained, decided to challenge us for the landmass.

However, he did not struggle alone, and Keeper Xin came forth to aid his ally, too late for Pilfor however, as we healed our troops to handle Xin's reinforcements.

So, in a change of tactics, Xin took the landmass behind us, with a swarm of imps, as our minions killed off his ally.

We immediately set our troops to rest, whilst he set his upon guard duty, under the command of an Elder Dragon, whom had survived the battle.

In the interim, his imps and ours battled furiously over the portal, it changed hands several times, as our troops needed to rest. However, Xin raised his banner, and the final battle between us began..

Unfortunately for Xin, he had only one experienced Minion, whilst we had several, however, in credit to the brave fallen Dragon, he took several of our troops with him before he fell.

And thus, we began our trek to finish off Xin once and for all.

Only it turns out we had not killed his highly experienced Dragon minion after all, he had snatched the body away at the last second, and healed him back, but it still was not enough.

In our next lesson, we learn one of the most important lessons. Why, he who has the gold, makes the rules..

Coincidentally Apprentices, it is time you begin to learn how to create your Heart, you shall all be required to acquire a large glass orb, for the next lesson.

Carn Forge

Carn Forge. The Fairy ring lies smashed, and the folk have fled to the hills. Our vampires are out hunting them down as we speak. Rest assured, we'll be dragging them back soon, my lord.