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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 20


Light and Airy. Mistle is a haven for those that love the peaceful countryside. The sort of people that won't like miles of sulfurous stinking wasteland. And the screams of the damned, of course.

We wandered our into a pre-existing dungeon. The land is ruled by a Keeper with knowledge, foresight, and tactics. Our favourite kind. Worse, he had plenty of space to expand, whereas we where trapped in a realm of unpenetrable rock. Bar an area to the East.

To the East, there where three mid level tentacles, to our.. puny level 1 creatures. Nor did we have any training room to train our creatures..

So we would have to fight tactically. And bring them to our way of thinking. After all, Tentacles? They're dark minions above all else, they should be fighting for us. And they would.

What was worse about capturing them, was that we had no heal spell either to help us with the healing we would require with our captives, so we would have to feed them, aplenty.

As we expanded through the caverns to the east, we encountered an army of Archers, which we would use to expand our meager force.

Essentially, the caverns contained a few monks, a few fairies, and a few wizards. We immediately captured them and brought them to our way of thought..

They released lots of information about the Hero fortress, which, overall was rather weak, but held an impressive amounts of Heroes, and one important thing.

A training room.

We then took our captured Heroes, and used our Scavenger room, to begin scouring the realm of the heroic and turning them to the dark.

With the realm to the East mostly under our control, and with our ranks filled to the brim, we decided to head North towards the Hero, to take what few whom hadn't turned to our way.

We decided to take the final cave in the Eastern cavern, where only one Monk remained from our scavenging.

Of the remaining Barbarians who hadn't yet joined us, where soon convinced to.

And finally the last door to the Heroes Fortress was smashed down. Casualties where heavy on our side, because though we had many troops, they where mainly weak fodder, such as Archers, Squires, and Ghosts.

With the first wave reeling, the Samurai Elders decided to step in, and assist their ailing brethren.

Feh, Samurai Elders, for their age, and their profession, they where weaklings, I could have made them, and broke them with no real effort. Of course, since we all work for the Master now, we are all of an equal strength, but I still consider myself the greater warrior.

And so, with a training room under our control, we decided to expand it. A lot of time passed until at last..

That's far more like it..

Speaking of poor dungeon design children, check out how many workshops Wizzel had constructed..


DarkSword. A great battle was won here. A bit one-sided, granted. Our Minions fought valiantly, and now the day is ours. The survivors have been dealt with. Properly.

That level was such a bitch to beat simply because of the sheer amount of crashes.. Overall, this is the sort of level I like playing, few creatures, lots of Heroes to capture and convert, and a strong Keeper to fight.