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Part 9

Journal of the Mineral Overseer, From the Desk of the Queen


The Queen, Sankis, has arrived! With 20 additional dwarves in tow, Sankis has decided to bless this blighted land with her holy presence. And with her arrival, the 'splendid' halls of administrator Phrog fall into her position, including the tomb in which a giant desert scorpion is still resident.

(everyone on the naming list up to killhour has now been dwarfed)

It is a time of rapid development and hard work. All the inhabitants of the outpost are toiling madly to bring the would-be fortress to the standards of a mountainhome. I fear we will not be entirely comfortable here for several years, as upon my arrival we had but 17 logs of timber, now reduced to 2 for use in case of divine inspiration. Thus, we do not have the capacity to build beds for even our current residents, and a bunkroom has been built in the stead of additional bedrooms, so that the beds we have may be utilized most effectively. Barrels are now made of copper, and bins of silver and lead.

Aside from the shortage, expansion continues at a good pace.

A kobold shows up to try his luck, and quickly runs off. The creature makes it away with his life, enraging the queen and her faithful servant (me). I feel it is time to put together a proper dwarvern assault force to deal with kobolds and other outside threats. Work on weapons and armor production is proceeding well, and I'm about ready to conscript the first outpost militia.

Three smelters run day and night.

A fort's true wealth is measured first in its minerals, then in its inhabitants.

(Short update, not much happened in summer.)