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Part 16

5th Hematite, Journal of the All-Mighty Leader Verviticus

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5th Hematite, Journal of MrGreenShirt

Well, since Phrog refused to get out of his books once again, mentioning something about the value of this recently created armour, it fell to me to write for Verviticus, suffering from a nasty headwound.

First things first - he has apparently heard from the ghost of Vox! Preposterous, but it has a solution to our antsy Jeweler. I wanted to drop him off into the pit to see if it really IS bottomless, but there are apparently better things to do.

It worked! My elation, however, is quickly cancelled out by an announcement by one of our Friends, Rusna Kelmusda.

I'll consult with Verviticus and ask him how he wants to deal with the goblin menace. Until then! Some good news:

The bad news: That stupid bastard doesn't remember anything about this gem, meaning that while it's pretty, he's going right back to hauling stone and garbage.