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by Star Guarded

Part 7: - Malachite


1st Malachite 1051
The architect came to me about lost gloves. I have not seen gloves and notified him so.

3rd Malachite 1051
The construction on the trade post is completed. Last night the leader was elected negotiator of commodities through fair voting. He was honorable to not bother my snooze for the process.

6th Malachite 1051
Seventeen sunrises.

7th Malachite 1051
An elf thief skulked the tower with dishonor. The mutt terrified it. I notified the sheriff so. The dregs have been made bewared.

9th Malachite 1051
I asked the sheriff to enforce worker silence when constructing Bravemule. She wondered how the workers would scream pain. I suggested hand signals.

10th Malachite 1051
The militia room is completed. I endured minutes of clapping from the architect.

12th Malachite 1051
For nights now the dishonorable mules climb the stairs to bother my focus. The mutt does not mind enough to terrify them. At least they do not speak. Twenty-three sunrises.

14th Malachite 1051
I dreamed the wagons collided. The passengers given fire released their arrows into the blaze into my meat into the trees or wilderness. When the trees returned the arrows my war heart bellowed. When the wilderness devoured me my stare deadened. I felt none of this because I fled.

20th Malachite 1051
There are dwarves on the distant horizon. After we begin to snooze the leader is holding a fair vote to determine if they are the brothers.

21st Malachite 1051
The determination is the dwarves might be the brothers. The miner suggested we stretch them to check for elves.

22nd Malachite 1051
Thirty-three sunrises. I do not see the monstrous elf still. If it attempts to ambush the dwarves I will slash its throat meat.

23rd Malachite 1051
The brothers return! There are celebrations. No brothers were killed or worse delivered to the medical room.

24th Malachite 1051
One of the returned brothers was a warrior of the arm. I offered her sword and mail with honor. She is too wounded for the militia and notified me so.

27th Malachite 1051
The warrior knelt before the leader to unite the brothers. Matul Remrit endures.