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Dwarf Fortress - Matul Remrit

by Star Guarded

Part 24: - Malachite


1st Malachite 1052
I got furious rancor for these tyrants that refuse ale to a mountainborn dwarf. As the infant dwarf I guzzled rum. I will not quarrel about their wretched bucket for water.

3rd Malachite 1052
Reast questioned the sense in journals that can get inspected. There is sense. A dreg can see this bile I got for Matul Remrit and feel unwell. Look at this bile. It is for you the dreg.

6th Malachite 1052
The burrow is full with wretched statues. Perat is haunted about the rock teeth.

6th Malachite 1052
Flie refuses to rip limbs from the sheriff and throw them down the well. As the giant dwarf he could do it.

7th Malachite 1052
I will not stare at their wretched statues. I pass the tunnel full with serrated discs for snooze in the deep caverns.

10th Malachite 1052
There is a giant spider in the deep caverns. It is a threat to the burrow. A dreg would not care. A dreg would think a giant spider is a tremendous gift and I should feel well for the privilege of getting stuck in a web and consumed.

12th Malachite 1052
Perat refuses to hear Dreadlion will not come for us. The overthrow for these tyrants will take our own blood and spittle.

14th Malachite 1052
This bile is for the dreg that wears the mule head. I got schemes. The clods got schemes. The mules got schemes. The friend dwarves of you the sheriff got schemes. Bravemule is full with schemes that you the sheriff do not know.

17th Malachite 1052
The clods will not stop quarrel over the well. Dwarves with thirst left for the deep caverns. I got concern for their safeness. Perat did not believe there is a giant spider.

18th Malachite 1052
Flie refuses to gnaw the giant spider then drown it in its blood. He named himself a peacer. I will war the giant spider.

19th Malachite 1052
I lured the giant spider into serrated discs. The tunnel is full with giant spider limbs. I got blood on clothes and furious rancor.

23rd Malachite 1052
This bile is for the dreg that encrusted our beds with sharp gems. The sharp gems are a hideous pattern. You the gemsetter do not got talent for color or arrangement.

24th Malachite 1052
I got concern for Reast. As the forlorn dwarf these tyrants got him unwell. I promised to end the burrow.

25th Malachite 1052
The militia commander came to the burrow. She requested nine clods to war the deep caverns with honor. I took up sword and mail. The clods left in the burrow named us abandoners.