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Dwarf Fortress - Matul Remrit

by Star Guarded

Part 32: - Opal


1st Opal 1052
While the militia fled in terror I chose to remain in an alcove. I could not muster courage to take up sword and mail.

2nd Opal 1052
I have suffered the burrow four seasons. The dwarf Trame named me a dreg. But I toil in the burrow as a clod does. But I drink water as a clod does. But I look upon frightful horse statues as a clod does. I am the most inconspicuous dreg.

3rd Opal 1052
The dwarf Exi blocked the deep caverns with a wall. The forgotten one waits. But we are blocked from gold ore.

5th Opal 1052
I smelted last of the gold ore. Dowl fussed to me how we do not benefit from our labor. I could not muster courage to remind how in Dreadlion the negotiator of stone flutes was valued over the creator of stone flutes. It was not better.

7th Opal 1052
I worry the frightful horse statues watch at me while I snooze.

8th Opal 1052
I heard murmurs the dwarf Timd is now sheriff. He does not inspect. Or stare with menace. Or wear a mule head. The dwarf Timd is the most inconspicuous sheriff.

9th Opal 1052
The dwarf Trame ordered the furnaces deconstructed. The mules that watch the burrow continue to bray for us to labor without labor to be done. I suspect the mules have delight in cruelty.

10th Opal 1052
Hunger. Dowl would not allow me near his beard vermin. Lizards and toads are feasts to the starved. I found a purring maggot under a bed. It burst with milk on my teeth.

11th Opal 1052
Kalu was hauled to the prisoner room for two mules struck with fist. A sanction made tantrums illicit.

12th Opal 1052
There is quarrel over the well. Dowl fussed to me how we do not have ale privilege. I could not muster courage to remind how in Dreadlion the workers drank swill while the nobles and traders drank wine. It was not better.

13th Opal 1052
The dwarf Trame ordered the burrow deconstructed. Dowl had delight in the deconstruction of frightful horse statues. But Perat would not tread near them. We are allowed to leave the burrow.

14th Opal 1052
Looked at the sun. Spewed vomit.

19th Opal 1052
A war mutt snoozes where the dead commander fell. It will not take up an owner. I worry it will choose to remain there.

22nd Opal 1052
I visited Guin in the medical room. He had sorrow as an abandoner. It does not matter. The first abandoner was Dreadlion.

24th Opal 1052
Former clods are not allowed in the food hall. Dowl fussed to me how there is no respect for us. I mustered courage to remind how in Dreadlion privilege was decided at birth. But as Matul Remrit we can earn privilege.

25th Opal 1052
I took up sword and mail with Dowl.