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by Star Guarded

Part 42: - Galena


1st Galena 1054
Carried the meat into cook room. Minced the meat into meat chunks. Cooked the meat chunks into meat stacks. A foul odor and a foul result. A dab of spice changed the taste to foul with spice.

2nd Galena 1054
Brought bucket with water to medical room. Awkward to converse with partner Vill. Can not recall infant name. Kiln?

3rd Galena 1054
Petitioned to receive gold flutes to replace gold flutes owned in Dreadlion. I would be contented with gold flutes.

4th Galena 1054
Adopted pups born of a lone war mutt. Frote will not claim these with his cruel alarm. The war mutt will know no further miseries.

6th Galena 1054
There are no more fish to mince. Sheriff informed the preparation of turtle stew is illicit. I do not question.

8th Galena 1054
Advisor Rall counted the foul meat stacks. I do not know what a thousand is.

9th Galena 1054
Ale smith Kesti will not allow to cook plump helmets unless I worship Comnith Ad Comnith. Too occupied with one deity to worship more. Too terrified to ask for crop from Kou.

12th Galena 1054
Advisor Rall decreed that Behem create bedlam for the war elves. There are actions in war that are too cruel.

13th Galena 1054
Looked upon the war legends. In old times the war mutt served a dead commander. A fierce warrior! A birdslayer in bronze. I will feed and pet the mournful mutt as my own.

14th Galena 1054
Found barrels of blood in storage room. Tasted like bat blood. I do not question.

16th Galena 1054
I will never be rid this foul meat. No one wants it.

20th Galena 1054
Furnace? Hearth?

21st Galena 1054
A mole was severed in the trap tunnel. Moved fast to claim. Minced mole biscuits with a dab of spice will be less foul than ancient cat meat.

22nd Galena 1054
Advisor Rall does not sit in the food hall to consume his mole biscuits. It is a grand food hall I claim and good to sit in but he chooses to eat on the floor. I do not understand.

24th Galena 1054
An elf thief slew the ale smith and skulked off with a gold chalice encrusted with opals. Petitioned to allow the preparation of plump helmet roasts.

26th Galena 1054
I do not understand the contempt for our grand leader. I received a cabinet upon becoming Matul Remrit. It is a good cabinet with hats inside.

27th Galena 1054
Brought pups to medical room. Comfortable to converse with partner Vill. Animals will help us with the death of Stove.

28th Galena 1054
Militia marches for the war elves. Alk was worth ten rufflewearers. A grand vengeance will be known. Hail Bravemule.