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Part 134: Globofglob: Update 27

Meanwhile, Sirocco and I jump down, as well.

I can't remember much of the battle. All I remember was blood and screaming and that somehow it was the 22nd when we finished. We went out there on the 19th.

The frost giants are retreating, even though they still have an advantage in numbers. Robindaybird and Vikingofrock are out dealing with the stragglers, while the rest of us go back to the fort to rest. I decide to keep the military all in one body, rather than in seperate squads. It seems it's easier for them to respond, that way.

I'm also updating the kill roster for the champions.

I had to edit tehsid's kills a little. I'm just going to show his kills from this battle. All of them would take up too much space.

I myself only got 1 kill.

And, out of respect for the dead:

2nd Opal, 146, Mid-Winter

Congradulations TowerofOil!

Your rooms are ready.