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Part 135: Globofglob: Update 28

Opal 21, 146, Mid-Winter

The Queen is dead. Whatever.

Anyway, this month has been pretty quiet. Just putting the finishing touches on my tower. I just need to finish the statue gallery. It's mostly done, but it just wouldn't look right without those finishing touches.

There are a few statues missing in back, the coloring is odd, and the ballista level looks sort of weird, but I'm still proud of it. There are two ways to activate the trap door: There's a lever up top for those dwarves who wish to die with honor. The brave ones pull that lever themselves. There's also a lever in the main fortress, for the cowards. Once dropped, they will fall hundreds of feet(31 z-levels) Into a walled-off chamber. Even if you somehow don't die to the fall, you aren't escaping or getting help. The chamber is unhewn rock, and the entrance has been walled in with about 50 feet of rock. The statues on the bottom are a mixture of microcline, felsite, diorite, and gabbro. The ones on top are all pure adamantine.

As for the sacrifice, I'm not sure. To tell the truth, I really wanna drop Silento, but I doubt the gods would consider that a gift.

If you want your dwarf to be sacrificed for whatever reason, please tell me. Otherwise it's either going to be random or Silento.

Skullbuggy wrote :-

I, Skullivan B. Mengigam, offer myself as a sacrifice. I've had enough of this place, and if I'm going out, I'd like it not to be at the hands of the Spawn of Holistic, thank you very much.

Edit: This seems a lot like the  corpse-pillar  from Eternal Darkness. That makes it that much more awesome.