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Part 211: MortuusLupus: Update 12

Our defenses are nearly complete. Assistant Hume and his team have been working round the clock to install the substantial power generators they require.

A memo crosses my desk notifying me of two deaths in the fortress. 64bitrobot failed to provide the noble Eiba with

The other fatality was sewermancer, who finally succumbed to his dehydration. A pity he did not live to see the creation I have designed be used in battle.


That night as I slept, I dreamed I was back in school.

"SO! You believe you've solved the power problem, have you? Devised a centralized power source where none have succeeded? HA HA HA!! Your device will FAIL, as it has EVERY TIME you presented it before the council!"

"Headmaster...I...know it will work! It cannot fail! I have solved it, I know I have!"

"IMPUDENCE!! You think YOU can improve on MY design? I spent years researching this technology, it CANNOT be done! Every pump MUST have its OWN power source. Your design will sieze up, and the fortress will fall. Their deaths will be on your hands...your fellow dwarves, whom you have turned your back on."



I need a drink

That's much better. I am ready now. HUME!! PULL THE LEVER!!

As the gears begin to turn the machine rumbles to life. The enormous waterwheels spin freely, powering the five pumps of the device, and the enormous spikes in the entryway begin their deadly dance. Up and down they shoot, as if eagerly awaiting some fool prey to wander close enough to be run through.


No, no no no, this cannot happen. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!! I prepared for all this, it''s IMPOSSIBLE!! SOMEONE, GET HUME OUT OF THE WATER AND BRING HIM TO ME IMMEDIATELY! I DEMAND to know who is responsible for this!

"Bwahahahahaha! I told you so! You cannot control all of those pumps with a single power source! When one stops they ALL stop! There is no way around it! You have failed. AGAIN!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!"

I can hear Headmaster's voice mocking me. How did he manage to find me? I...I can't concentrate...HUME!! HUME I NEED YOU!

"Yes sir?" Hume grumbles, still dripping from his aquatic adventure. "Fantastic device, by the way. I assume you intend to swim the spawn to death?"

"SHUT UP AND TAKE THIS! There is still time to fix this, time to shut him up! I will graduate, and I will be at the top. I'll SHOW THEM ALL!!!"

The other students are laughing at me, all of them. I can hear them now. "Stupid Mortuus last in class! Stupid Mortuss loves Litast!"

NO!! You laugh at me, when I have my own army?

"Stupid Mortuus, last in class!"




Ssssstupid Mortuusssssss....

Lassst in classssss...




Screaming Idiot wrote :-

Green Intern posted:

Did you take a hint from a Wily Fortress level and fill the hallway with deathspikes? I don't think the Spawn have Rushjets.


The frost giants do, however.



A Pair Of Ducks wrote :-

I get the feeling this shall be the last assault.

-Diary of A Pair of Ducks, Engineer, volunteer Swordsdwarf-

We've been waiting all day for the latest dispatch from Syrupleaf. Everyone in the unit has been expecting to be activated to be sent immediately to relieve the seige of our kinsdwarves by those accursed spawn. Some dwarves have already gone to our barracks to prepare, but I must stay at my station in the magma power station until I actually get the official tablet. From the last dispatch it sounded like the new overseer was turning that fortress around, but I find a growing sense of dread for that fort welling up in my stomach. Its not something I can explain, 'just a feeling,' as I had commented once before a frost giant ambush. My armor is polished, and my sword has been sharpened. I'm ready to whet its thirst for blood at any time.

For now though, I shall tend my pumps.