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Part 214: Tosanu: Update 2

After the early construction is done, and the builders leave, I settle down into an easy nap.

But suddenly, the fortress is in an uproar!

Its all happening too fast. Two dwarves are trapped out with those raiders. The military, informed by an earlier note to mobilize on any threat, is on its way, but will they arrive in time?

Bah. Smelly elves. Never even have a good scratching post. They dont even appear in the right spot to distract the raiders!

geri-khan....was always kind to the trained animals. He took good care of them.....he will be missed.

And Bat Legs.......My god, they surrounded him, and then..... I eat dead rodents and I find that disgusting!

You know, Raiders hunt a lot like i would. They go in for the pounce, the sudden strike, and then the disembowling. CountryMatters happens on the scene a minute too late. And he.



Hah! He scatters them like mice! Hmmm, speaking of which. I wonder if the kitchen does requests. These raiders are more mouse like than i expected. Very few have died, most ran immediately from the single, albiet powerful, champion.

Eventually, he tires, and Markus_CZ shows up to mop up, taking a bolt to the arm for his troubles.

CountryMatters took a single strike during the fight, but it is a horrible one.

The wound has laid open half his face, cutting across the ear and deep into the flesh. An inch lower and his head would have come off.

The dwarf's strength is amazing. He shrugged off the attack, walked all the way across the glacier, into the fort, and through the winding halls, before falling unconscious in a room. With Markus's elbow wounded, this leaves the fort in a soft position. Perhaps it is time for a new strategy. I'll have to think carefully on the next m- STRING! gonna get gonna get gonna get!