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Part 220: Tosanu: Update 8

ooc: bah, i lost the caps of the fight. It was a good one too.

Redbeard, Champion, is dead.

It happened in a final desperate push to remove the humans from my plans, I mean, to protect the fortress from the invaders. Kallisti bravely agreed to lead the large number of war animals that had turned up in internal cages to the front line, filling the former trade depot with the seasoned soldiers behind, in order to break the back of the siege.

And it worked! Though Kallisti was cruelly killed, and a majority of the dogs (snicker) and other war animals killed horribly, the humans were sent into disarray by the two champions, Markus and Redbeard. Fighting side by side, they knocked the foul tall pink things in every direction, sending them fleeing to the corners of the globe.

But when all seemed well, Redbeard returned to assist Markus, lying in the depot with a badly wounded leg. Without warning, he was ambushed! (the last human on the map, and an elite swordsman at that. I have NO idea where this guy came from!) In the first attack, redbeard's left hand was smashed, and his right wounded. He ran out of the fortress, maddened with pain, chased by the human, but the loss of blood laid him low before the sword ever did. Satisfied, the human left.

I have promoted Cannonfodder to Markus' squad, since he has hammerdwarf experience, and with Countrymatters ages from recovery, the extra strength is needed. Markus did one thing that made me cough a hairball, though. His kneecap was damaged with the rest, but he popped it back into place, setting the broken plate in with a piece of rope. (A Knee yellowed injury vanished in a day. That kid has some tough healing.)

The results of the battle are impressively bloody.

Click here for the full 1513x740 image.

I have sent a message that in commemoration of the two dwarves and many smaller creatures who gave their lives today, my scratching po- memorial construction shall continue at once!

Seen here at its fifth or six wooden level.