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Part 239: Pozzo: Update 8e

OOC: Ok, I'll try and give you all a bunch of short sweet updates, keep 'em flying out til I'm done with this siege. Should give all you Amuuuurikuns something nice to wake up to, if my calculations serve me correctly. Or all you Africans something nice before you go to bed. How are you all doing in the past, anyway? I can tell you that the first 5 hours of the 27th Jan, well, they seem OK.


Hellioning fires one bolt from Sisalthikthog, his legendary bow. His only bolt; he was outside to collect some more ammo from the piles of dead enemies. The human dodges it and charges. So Hellioning breaks his leg.

That should put paid to this dodging business.
Then he knocks the spearman to the ground and stomps on his head. The human fails to dodge. The human dies.
Hearing the crunching noise of their friends crushed skull, the other humans from Sestahs party charge up the slope to attack Hellioning. They have the decency to attack one at a time, the sports!

Right then the western group of Axemen, lead by Ago the legendary spearman, decide they will finally ride upon the fortress, and come riding around the mountain to attack.

Hellioning has plenty of time before they arrive though, and makes good use of it. He slaughters the 3 fools who attack him and then runs off after the stragglers, who are now trying to make their escape, trailing blood and gore under the old trade depot bridges.

He wrenches a spearman off his mount and strangles him to death and then keeps running after the now riderless horse. He runs down the galloping horse and punts it into the side of the bridge. Then he keeps after the remaining two riders, who are fleeing south towards the approaching band of axemen, but then loses interest and decides to go back into the fort.
The two riders themselves merely fly past their charging countrymen towards our borders, fast as their bloated steeds can carry them, realising their folly but too focussed on escape to warn the other men of their impending doom.

Ago and the Axemen pour on to the bottom of the hill and round the small cliff to ride towards the bridges. Another couple blunder on to our weapon traps, killing their warhorses.

They ride under the bridges, and then through the thin ravine filled with blood and gore and the corpses of their comrades, towards the rise leading to the ballista battery.

The recently reloaded ballista battery.