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Part 74: Sirocco: Update 9

Sirocco's Year: Part Nine

The autumn of 145 is here, journal! I just know it's going to be great! Life is so peachy I can barely contain myself!

But, as always there is work to be done - but that's OK! I've got a brand new mug with a witty legend enscribed: "You don't have to be short here but it helps!!!" and on the bottom it says "because dwarves are quite short!" just in case someone doesn't understand it.

I called Eiba into my office and invited him to sit.

'What in the blazes do you want!' he growled. 'I'm tryin' to delouse moles here, I don't have time for your... fuddy-duddy.'

'I'm sorry to interrupt your work, Mr Eiba,' I said. 'But the baroness has been sending me quite... colourful memos asking why there haven't been any taxes collected yet. According to the books the nobles should have received about eight thousand bone flutes last month.'

Eiba lashed my desk with his whip. 'Molegone it! How many times do I have to tell you people I'm not a blasted tax collector! I'm a moleboy, through and through.' He put his palm against his chest. 'Through these veins pumps the blood of three generations of moleboys! My daddy and his daddy and his daddy before him!'

'You didn't have any qualms over accepting the rooms that were built for you...'

'You disappoint me, boy,' Eiba said. 'I thought you had what it takes, but obviously I was wrong. Now if you'll excuse me, son.' He got up. 'I've got moles to bathe.'