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Part 85: Sirocco: Update 20

Sirocco's Year: Part Twenty

Obviously I wasn't around for this bit, so I asked tehsid to give me a description of events after we lost sight of each other when the bridge raised.


'OK, let me see, uh, first of all, FUCK. YOU. If you'd looked closely at the labels on those levers then Bob would still be here.'

'Aw, come on, tehsid. Vox's handwriting's really difficult!'

'Whatever. After the bridge went up, there was still a Spawn on our side but he went down like a log after Oni Elem smacked it with his hammer... it was around about then I realised we were missing some guys. Pumpinglemma and Male Man had disappeared saying they were "too thirsty" to defend the fortress and Mofeta and Meliv were fast asleep despite the damn bellringing we had going on earlier... what a fucking bloody nightmare.'

'What happened then?'

'THEN I realised that you, Spermy and Syntax! had vanished. There wasn't anything I could do without compromising security though so I went to guard the main bridge entrance, hoping against hope we'd get through this mess.'

'Fucking Spawn.'

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Okay, I don't know about "exceptionally designed," but I thought it was neat vv