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Part 86: Sirocco: Update 21

Sirocco's Year: Part Twenty-One


Patsy was a blur as I fought for my life - we were vastly outnumbered and completely taken by surprise but when the momentum in my hammer had finally died down and I shook the remains of a Holistic ribcage off the end I turned round to see my fellow dwarves still alive - shaken, yes. But alive.

'See, I told you guys we'd make it!' I said, smiling. 'Hey, is that lichen or moss-'

My head rocked back and sticky warmth gushed over my lips and down my chin as my nose burst open. When the world stopped spinning, I focused again to see Syntax! nursing his fist.

'Sorry, Sirocco, but I've been wanting to do that for damn near seven years. Let's get back to the gatehouse.'

I didn't say anything at the time - I must admit I was quite shocked, journal! But I guess all our emotions were running a bit out of kilter that day - I didn't even brush my teeth before going to bed that night.

I wiped my face quickly and followed the others down the mountainside towards the ramp up to the gatehouse as fast as possible.

'There you are!' tehsid said to me (quite sharply!). 'I thought you were dead! Where's That Guy Bob?'

'Uh... when the bridge went up it kinda caught him between it and the wall and, uh...'

'He's gone,' Syntax! interrupted. 'He's... he's gone.'

'FUCK!' tehsid scowled. 'What about the Spawn, then? Are there any left?'

Spermy looked over the side of the cliff.

'Maybe a couple...'