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E.V.O.: Search for Eden

by Vikings Vs Mafia

Part 2: Part two: Eating is done like this.

Part two: Eating is done like this.

Alright, let's go check out that jellyfish.

I registered like a year ago dude, sorry if I don't know where happycat came from.

I hope there aren't more than three, i'm a fish.

More like grind back and forth, amirite?

...You're a jellyfish.


Oh, I think i'll be pretty difficult to defeat, I mean, afte-


Take that! with two mighty bites I vanquish him.

Your power is MINE!!

how bout your friend, too?

I will eat them in the sea.

I like green ham don't you see?

After all that eating jellyfish, I could use some food.

Good thing basically everything is edible.

Woot! stage 2.

My old high school had one of those.

I make short work of the jellyfish and find my way in.


At first they swarm me. These guys can hit a couple times if you get too close.

...But I have destiny on my side.

Oh? what's this?

whatever passes the time, really.

what, all of them?


Why, these gossiping cucumbers are delicious!

How about this

*may cause certain sexual side effects.

Taking the crystal's advice to heart, I leave the cave and decide it might be time to check out my evolution options. Here's what I've got.

So many options... I've got 400 points now, so I could either evolve something small or save up for a bigger upgrade. I'm not making any evolutionary decisions myself here so if we fly or mermaid or whatever it's all up to you. This is LET'S PLAY, so i'll follow orders as the game goes on.


Format: Suggest a part to evolve, and a name for the species. Whichever gets the most votes I will choose, and pick one of the names you guys provide.

edit:oh, and I think it would be appropriate if we also used this thread to talk about spore and/or debate intelligent design. Personally I can't wait for either to get out