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Part 3: Part Four: In which our hero develops a tough emotional shell.

Part Four: In which our hero develops a tough emotional shell.
Well, It looks like I got a lot of votes for the shell, and enough for the angler horn that I think it's a good idea for the next area.

So without further ado,

Jawesome Fish has evolved to The Armor Plated Jawfish!

It immediately becomes apparent that this little dongle on my head attracts all sorts of attention from the sea life.

Alright, time to move on.

Oh, hey guys, what's up?



You give me no other choice but to exert my evolutionary dominance over you.

ALL of you.

These guys are terrific XP. We swim forward until we find...



EEK! The volcano erupts burning lava right into the water. We're so slow that it's hard to avoid, but thanks to my newly evolved shell, We're barely singed.

We escape to a new area!

I wonder what a Zinichty is.

Oh, must be that thing. We look pretty similiar, actually... I think i'll go over there and have a looksee.


OH GOD OW! We gotta get out of here.

It looks like Zinichty is just too tough for the Armor Plated Jawfish. I can barely scratch the thing! I made it outside before he could eat me but now I think we've no choice but to out-evolve him.

I've got 1800 points to work with. I think the next most requested item is the tail, but to be formal we're gonna have another vote.

Remember you can still name the fish if you like.