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Part 20: Part Nineteen - okay what the FUCK is happening up here

Part Nineteen - okay what the FUCK is happening up here

Nothing really happened this update.
I mean, stuff happened, but I barely got to bite ANYTHING.
Frankly I'm a little disappointed.

So I went up to this big cloud thing...

And it's basically a big, stupid cloud maze.

You would have had this update at like 6:00 PM if it weren't for this fucking cloud maze.

After like ten minutes of searching, I eventually find the best fucking red crystal in history.

This tastes like...


So yeah, this dragon form is fucking GREAT, and it's fast, and strong, but I can't find fucking ANYTHING to bite.

Except this green crystal maybe... I haven't even used the last one... Whatever, though.

It tastes like an unripened tomato. once I find my way out of this god forsaken cloudhole...

...I fly straight up, INTO SPACE.

My dragon wore off before I killed even ONE thing. This was perhaps the biggest disappointment in my e.v.o. career.

I find some big... chamber... looking... things... which I then fly upwards into.

Are you saying I should go human? Because everyone seems to hate that.

When I bite this guy, he falls to his death. It's kinda funny.

I eat the crystal, (spinach or something, I don't even know.) and leave. There's another pod nearby, which I fly into.

I get bitten almost immediately upon entering, and to save my life have to evolve the 500 pt jaws. (Phamcys, I think).

Then I bite him, and he falls to his death.

This guy, on the other hand, has no place to fall. When my bite doesn't kill him he deals me another 9 damage and I quickly grab the red crystal to save my fragile dinosaur hide.

The crystal turns me instantly into some sort of batman gargoyle.

It kills the flying beasts with one bite.

I wonder what's going on in this pod?

Oh, um... Sorry. Did you guys want privacy or something?

What the... this alien thing just vanished.

Among the many ridiculous lines in this game, this one might hold the record.

Oooooh, blue crystal...

It tastes likeeeeeeOOOOOOOOH MY GOD.



so the T-rex jaws are a given. What else should I evolve? I can get pretty much whatever right now, so go wild!

...and i'll see if I can youtube my animation final soon.