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by Vikings Vs Mafia

Part 23: Part Twenty Two: in which we trade mighty Deathbird for Mouse, for some reason

Impossible Odds posted:

Okay so I registered pretty much because of this thread, it's so fantastic.

Also stay bird! It makes the last boss (and the bird fortress) so so so much easier.

awwwww, you just made 40+ hours of effort totally worthwhile.

Part Twenty Two: in which we trade mighty Deathbird for Mouse, for some reason

I can't believe i'm doing this.

Did you see how much damage I was doing as a deathbird?

The things I do for you goons.

Jesus. This is fucking weak. Alright, let's find something big to kill so I can get out of this wussy mouse form.

This seems like the only point in the game so far that it's beneficial to eat something of your own species. I guess mice are scavengers, so eating dead mice makes SOME sense.

I'm sure the feathered ones would have been fine.

I can bite for two, or shove for one.

Ten EP. This is gonna take a looong time.


not pictured: I kill like 34 mice

I climb up, then accidentally fall about 500 feet. Turns out there's two ways past this mountain.

I'll try the cave first.

I remember these guys. It's like the old cold-blooded creatures are all taking shelter in here.

Ooooh, I remember these giving out BUNCHES of EP.

...Unfortunately, I don't seem to be much of a match for them...



These guys give a solid 200 ep a pop.

In the next room, there are some enemies that are similar, but spit bubbles at me.

Unfortunately, my rampage gets cut short.

These guys don't give as much EP either. Screw you, spit bubble pig monsters.

I'm just gonna take your crystal.

These bird guys on the other side are quite a bother too. It looks like my best bet was with the dinosaurs back there.

If it ain't broke...

don' fix it.

I didn't get any screen shots of my rampage this time, because I was killing things as fast as I possibly could. Simply flying into things deals 25 damage with my unbreakable horn.

And now it looks like we're rich enough to leave this form behind.

(that faded dark one at the bottom is an option too, I just accidentally took the shot when it was blinking).

I also noticed that If I take the high road and climb OVER the mountain, I have another option of where to go.

So first, what should I evolve? Second, which direction should I go in once I do?

(and lastly, one more apology to everyone who wanted the bird fortress ending thing, I wanted to stay a deathbird but the goons have spoken)