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Part 30: EPISODE 29: The monkeys, I could take or leave.

EPISODE 29: The monkeys, I could take or leave.
Crystal Power causes the mysteriousest evolutions!

I decided to bring back Goliath, since he hasn't seen a lot of action and I rather like him anyhow. Flying up to the clouds, I hear a whisper -

These aliens sure are wacky.

Oh, hey, there it is! There's the UFO!

I'm gonna fuckin' BITE it!

I was about to call a vote, but fuck it, you guys want to see this ending anyways for its pure ridiculous factor.

Never one to turn down a ride home from a complete stranger, I climb on in.

I like how even though they're giving me a ride and everybody's friends, we're still whispering.

That, or their names are "whisper A" and "whisper B"

Aw, don't worry guys. It's cool! We're cool!

This game changes from past tense to present tense and back so much... I wrote like this in fifth grade.

Well that sure was, uh, informative.

Time to eat some monkey humans!

And Oooof to you too, good sir.

I can see they've already mastered fire! I should kill them all before they become more of a threat.

Waaait a second, They didn't have those back then...

Who is this creature? How can I, too, benefit from this elevator technology?

In lieu of a response, the two of us share a beautiful spider-man kiss.

At about that time I depowered, and realized these monkeys humans were more feisty than previously anticipated.

...they have ranged attacks...

...a really damaging flip attack that's tough to dodge...

...and they live in tribes. These guys really seem to have their shit down, they must have one hell of a leader.

In fact...

I think I shall go to see this leader.

If I can defeat him, the whole lot of them will start giving me the fear and respect I deserve.

Maybe they'll even build a statue of me!

A big one, in the desert! Yeahhhh.

I dispatch the guards...

...and make my way top of the mountain.


I can't believe I'm seeing this.

Didn't I destroy your whole race a few updates ago?

I knew I should have murdered that orphan.

Right, the humiliation.

Okay, I'm gonna be honest. Most of the screen shots I took this fight were of me evolving to save my ass.

Because this motherfucker can HIT.

He's taken the proven technique of punching me really hard...

And made it into a four-hit combo.

I mostly mess around with jaws, because the cat jaws were not cutting it against this beast.

Did I mention he can flip twice as well as those monkeys downstairs?

Luckily, after going through more mouths than Jim Carey in the mask,

He gives up the ghost.

for all.

Another fine victory, another fine meal.

What's next, world?

We've got South, and Extra South. For some reason I can't travel to that dot in the east yet.
Is it almost mermaid time? I get the feeling it's almost mermaid time.

Let me know which way to go!