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E.V.O.: Search for Eden

by Vikings Vs Mafia

Part 6: Part Six (Continued)

Well, I've pretty much been travelling to the right, and this is where it got me.

Do I LOOK like i'm trying to help the Strolites build a new world?

Hey, let's not be hasty here,

DAAAAMN that thing hits hard. I get in a couple bites before I have to back off.

I remembered the advice I got from the forums, and decided to evolve myself.

I have reached the pinnacle of fish life. I have named myself... The Goonfish.

My bottle opener nose cuts up the shark like it was made of cork.
I get in three hits before...

I evolve another horn and repeat. The fight continues until one of us gives out.

It is the Kuraselache.

With an explosion worthy of JAWS...

Victory is mine.

MMMmmmm, delicious. I eat my fill, and leave the cave.


onward and upward we travel.


toke up?

that too.


This part got a little weird.

This is the longest freaking update

Okay, so this seems easy enough. Jump, bite, I got it under control.

Oh, good, another crystal.

Hmmmmmm.... It seems we have our first branching path. Goons, which way should I go? North, or West?