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Echo Night Beyond

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Space ghost but not coast to coast: Let's Play Echo Night Beyond



Echo Night Beyond Longplay Playlist

Ghost Memos:

Update 1: SW-W105, Claudia Selfer, Dudley Tungsten,
?????? (Male), Nikolai Ivanov, ?????? (Male),
Marcel Aron, Carol Aron

Update 2: Carol Aron, Marcel Aron. Nikolai Ivanov,?????? (Male)

Update 3: ?????? (Female), Katarina Pollucs, Katrina Pollucs,
Jacob Pollucs

Update 4: Biggs Covellin, Ali Covellin, Victor Nickel,
Oliver Molibden, ??????(Male)

Update 5: ??????(Male), Nathan Gold, Nick Getchell,
Nancy Spinel

Update 6: Paolo Dato, Igor Hinggan, ??????(Male),
Dan Bertrand, Martin Hirkimer, Norman Spinel

Update 7: Natalia Riskaya, Licia Turner, Ruthie,
Alan Coleman, Igor Hinggan, Dimitri Euxen,
Khristina Pegma, Sergei Descloizo

Update 8: Clark Brogan, Henry Polybas, Kenneth Livingston,
Nathan Gold, Alan Coleman, Natalia Riskaya,
Nick Getchell, Nancy Spinel, Geoffrey Amblygo,
Cayla Conichalco

When you think of great sequels in long running horror franchises you might think of Hellraiser: Bloodlines, Jason X, Leprechaun 4, ummmm Critters 4. Well what do all those sequels have in common? It's that they were all great and that they all went to the final destination of any great series...outer space. And that's exactly where FromSoftware decided to head in the third, and final, installment of their mostly overlooked ghost adventure series in Echo Night Beyond.

Released in 2004 as the only installment of the series for the PS2, Echo Night Beyond was not met with much critical or commercial success for a number of reasons. As the second game never saw release outside of Japan and the first game was a bit of an oddity being a romantic horror adventure game for the PS1, it seemed to be an inevitability that Beyond was going to be mostly overlooked. There was also the fact that if a player is unfamiliar with the series, they probably wouldn't understand a game that has no combat and is just walking around helping out ghosts. Which is a shame; I've always felt the Echo Night series was an interesting approach to an adventure game mixing very dark elements with romance and intrigue and an overarching mythos regarding a cursed stone. And also this entry took advantage of the increased technology of the PS2 to make a longer, better looking, and more involved game while keeping to it's roots.

But that's why hopefully you'll join me on this lunar journey to find a missing fiance and uncover the mysteries of the moon, and please remember NO SPOILERS.

And if you never caught previous games, you're in luck:

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