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EcoQuest 1: The Search for Cetus

by Roar

Part 10

10. Statues and stupid coral shit

The challenge of the statues is much better with catchy music, so Youtubin' this shit.

The music in this game is terrible. Even LOOM had better music than this. :/ Which is why it's not featured in this video.'ve got to be kidding me. A hermit crab? I can't eat that. What cruel tricks God plays on me.

: "Boo HOO. Oh, BOO HOO. I can't handle it! I can't <sob>! I tried, but no one will listen to me! No one cares! Oh, boo! Boo hoo!"

Not only is he a hermit crab, he's a WHINY hermit crab. What a sad little thing.

: "Who are you?

: "I'm the Great Senator - I mean... oh, I'm a nobody! Boo-hoo! I'm a failure! Boo-hoo-dee-hoo!"

If I remember correctly, he sounds like a flamboyantly gay black man, which makes this all the more hilarious.

: "Well, why were you hiding in the mask?"

: "My name is Superfluous. I've always been the Mayor, but I never actually had to DO anything. Cetus took care of it all, you see. Now he's gone and I ought to do SOMETHING, but I don't know what!"

You're a pretty useless mayor then, huh

: "Well, gosh, you need to call a meeting or something. Get everyone to help."

: "Oh, they won't listen! Why do you think I pretended to be the Great Senator? They might have respected HIM! But NO! They're all huddled in their homes! Scared! They won't come out for a meeting!

Not that I can blame them. Here I sit with a shell so tight I'm about to burst and I'm too scared to go out and find a new one. BOO-HA-HA!"

: "Well, maybe I can get the citizens to come out."

Yeah because Lord knows you're what all the people want.

: "Why should they listen to you - a human boy? Why, I don't even trust you! No, sorry. I don't think it would work. It would be nice if it could, though. Goodbye now. I must go back to my pondering."

He then retreats to his shell and won't come out because he's a stupid prick.

Haven't checked this way yet.

Hey, that statue is covered in chocolate syrup! It looks delicious!

A large statue of a whale made entirely from coral takes a place of honor in the middle of the garden. The coral is coated with oil and is clearly dying. This kind of damage is the result of oil spills and ship bilge dumping. The lighter part of the oil evaporates and what's left sinks, ending up as a thick tar that coats the ocean floor.

It sure is convenient that it was all concentrated right on top of the coral statue.

Grape juice to the rescue!

: "Don't worry, coral. This is fertilizer solution from Dad's lab. I'm not sure it will help you, but without it you'll die for sure.

I'm not sure how an open container of solution stayed intact at the bottom of the ocean. Just go with it, I guess.

Adam carefully pours the fertilizer solution over the whatle-shaped coral. He puts the empty flask into his garbage bag.

The oil begins to dissolve. It's working!


And then a lobster comes and pinches my damn leg.

: "What are you doing to my coral, child?!"

: "I just put some solution on the coral that will create bacteria to eat up the oil. I only meant to help. I felt so sorry for the poor coral."

: "A human? Feeling sympathy for the creatures of the sea?'re right! The oil is dissolving! What is your name then, magic one?"

: "My name is Adam. But it's not magic - just science. Who are you?"


: "I'm the Guardian of the Greens, but you can call me Demeter. It is my job to tend the Royal Gardens and insure that the city has plenty of plants to eat. But as you can see, my garden is all but dead."

: "What will you do when the plants are gone?"

: "We shall be forced to leave Eluria... or die here. I'm not sure which is the worse fate."

You're fish. You don't really have to live in an actual city.

: "If only Cetus were here. The coral misses him so. You know, they shaped themselves like this in homage to him. If only I knew Cetus was somewhere safe, I could be content witht his lot."

: "Well, I came here with Dolphy. We're going to try to help the city - and maybe find Cetus."

No, I'm pretty sure we're only supposed to find Cetus. Cleaning the city is just a little side hobby.

: "You would do that, human child? Perhaps that's just what we need - someone who knows the mysteries of man and the poisons he puts in the sea. Here, take this with you."

: "What is this?"

: "It is the last of my healing potion. It has a great power to heal. I used to make it from over thirty rare sea plants, but most of them are extinct now - killed off by poisons. There'll be no more potion. The potion does not owrk on my poor garden. Perhaps you will find a good use for it on your quest to save the city."

I wasn't going to use it on your garden anyways but thanks I appreciate the gift. I hope to use it inappropriately.

: "Thank you for the gift, Demeter."

: "Use it wisely, human child. And may Poseidon watch over you."

Awesome go away.

Hey, something just dropped off of the rapidly dissolving oil.

Adam picks up the shell from the tar. Ick! It's a nice, roomy shell but it won't be much use covered with tar like that.

I wonder where I could use that.

Anyways, clean up time.

We are a cleaning machine.

I'd ask you where we should go but seriously.

Next time: what i do with shell