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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 3

: "It's a kid! Get outta there, kid!"

Yeah I'll get right on that. We saw how well struggling worked for Dolphy.

: "I can't get out!"

: "Hey, you in the cab -- lower that arm!"

Adam lands with a flump.

: "You got no business here, sonny. Scram or I'll take you to see Mr. Slaughter. He'll fix you good!"

Mr. Slaughter? He sounds friendly!

But for now, it's time to eavesdrop on the friendly locals.

1: "I'm tellin' ya, man, it's a good deal. Come aboard with Cibola and they'll take care of you."

2: "Yeah? What're they into?"

1: "They're NOT into questions. You gotta show us your loyalty. Senor Slaughter is very big on loyalty."

You know, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this "Slaughter" guy.

2: "Okay, I'm in. You got a job for me, just say the word."

People sure are easy to convince in this country. "You need to be loyal and not ask questions" "k"

The hell are you?

The tourist has carelessly thrown down the wrapper.

Oh no you didn't.

: "Hey, there...Hello?"

The tourist ignores Adam.

...assertive, aren't we? Just pick up the trash and move on, wuss.

Why did you mail it to me? Couldn't you have just, you know, given it to me? We did arrive together, you know.

Whatever. Presents!

: "A handheld computer! What does it do?"

: "It's an environmental scanner. That guy I met last year did the prototype."

So it's a tricorder?

: "So we're testing it?"

: "Yeah. He wants to call it the Ecorder because it scans and records information in the enviroment."

Screw that. I don't care what he wants to call it, I'M calling it a tricorder.

: "I'll give you a little demonstration, OK? Blah blah blah Move the tricorder around until it lights up. It may light up in several places. When it lights up, it has found something. Click it to record."

: "It recorded something about the water! To look at your data, use the inventory hand icon on the tricorder."

blah blah blah

So basically, it already has the information in the system and it just needs me to "unlock" it? That's kind of crappy. It's not even really a recorder, is it?

This thing is a piece of shit.

: "Why don't you try it? I'll give you a hint -- I think something about that launch is on your list."

: "Okay!

Adam has a very short attention span.

: "Only these ones. I do not like the looks of them. Still, I live near here. I can't get around very well anymore."

: "My grandfather likes to fish, too. I used to go fishing with him when I was little."

: "When I was small, it was different. Then all the people came."

: "I'm sorry."

: "It was a long time ago, but I still remember the fish in the river, so many they were like stars in the sky..."

And then he trailed off and wouldn't talk to me anymore. Time to find the environmental issue that Al seems intent on bugging me about. Maybe Fathead would know something.

: "Excuse me, Mister, is that your launch? It's leaking gasoline.

: "I don't see nothing, kid. Get lost!"

Fine, if you don't want to answer my questions, I'll consult my tricorder.

Booya. Hey, Dad, I did what you told m, isn't that our stuff that dude's holding?

...and there he goes.

: "Senor Greene! Your suitcase!"

: "Blast!!! I'll never catch him. What a way to start our trip!"

: "Such people are a disease here. I am so sorry. Did you have valuables?"

: "My wallet, passport, everything. I'm going to have to go to the embassy."

Didn't you just have your passport out a second ago? Why did you put it away so fast? This is totally your fault.

: "But it will take many weeks to get new papers!"

: "Let's get this over with. Nicanor, I may need someone to vouch for me."

: "What do you want me to do, Dad?"

: "Stay here and watch our stuff. I'll be back as soon as I can. Are you OK with that?"

...what? Seriously? I just had someone threaten to send me to "Senor Slaughter", I'm not sure leaving me alone is the best idea.

: "No problem, Dad. I'll keep my eyes open."

Jesus, they're both idiots.

And you're going to take a nap too. Wonderful. You're going to be sold as a sex slave by the end of this game, I swear.

Seriously, what would possess a man to leave his son behind in a backwards country with thieves and polluters within walking distance of the makeshift airport? Who knows what dangers are going to unearth as soon as Adam shuts his eyes?