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EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest

by Roar

Part 9

A potter sits near the muddy hole. Her work is unfinished and she has a worried expression on her face. An old man sits in the shade of the long house. He is telling stories to two young children.

The village is alive with the sounds of peope going about their business. They look at Adam curiously and then look quickly away. A young man stares stubbornly at the ground. The older man seems to be reasoning with him. A sharp machete is under the chief's stool. This villager is taking a siesta.

Okay all I heard was blah blah blah blah MACHETE

What in the HELL are you wearing?

: "But I just need to borrow -"

: "Until I get Llusti to apologize I can't think about anything else."

How do you even pronounce "Llusti" anyways? Let's ask him.

: "I cannot help you, Adam. Llusti has quarreled with Churana."

I don't understand anything you just said, but how the hell do you know my name?

: "I think he should apologize, but he will not do it."

The young man doesn't answer.

Well you two are worthless to me if you won't give me that knife. Let's talk to the semi-pretty lady near the mud.

...I take the pretty part back.

: "What's the matter with him?"

I'd cry too.

: "A bee stung him while I was picking berries for my paint. Now he has a red bump on his arm and his forehead is warm. I am so worried!"

: "What's the matter, kid?"

His mom JUST explained it.

: "Poor Raco! I think a bee bit him this morning. Sometimes the shaman gives me a poultice. But I don't like to ask him - I know he is busy today. I won't be able to get any work done until he is better."


These three assholes jabber for about a minute and basically just say "the lazy woman is lazy and she didn't get us our roots." They're irritating and I hate them and I hope they cook themselves.

So instead, I will be talking to the AHHH lady.

: "What's wrong?"

: "Llusti and I have quarreled and now he won't speak to me. I'm so upset I cannot work on this cloth. Llusti is angry with me. It makes me so upset. And when my heart aches, the pattern of my cloth suffers."

Oh boo hoo relationship problems. Go menstruate or something.