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by Lizard Wizard


Well guys, I played just a touch of Morrowind today. I didn't make much progress, but I think this warrants a little update of its own.


Viperidae posted:

You should do some flying in Maelkashishi.

Anything for a fan! I don't think I properly looted that place anyway.

There's another crazy cultist in...I don't know, I guess you'd call it the rafters of the shrine?

Magic loot! The scrolls aren't much good, but I'm compelled to steal them all anyway. Burgle burgle hoard hoard.

Hidden on top of this pillar is the real treasure. This here is the only class of Soul Gem that can hold...

...hey presto, a Golden Saint, courtesy of a summon scroll we got earlier. She's pretty trivial to kill, but that's mostly because I stab her for five straight seconds before she realizes I'm no longer her friend.

And there it is, the most powerful soul in the game. Only Golden Saints can be used to create constant-effect enchantments.

And an Exquisite Amulet is pretty much the best gear for enchanting that's readily available. I allowed myself to commit the sin of checking the wiki for this one.

Now, an explanation. Different things can hold different magnitudes of enchantments. The more expensive an item is, the greater its potential for enchanting, as a rule. I decided to whip up a willpower amulet. The game and the manual both lie about this, but willpower increases your chance of successfully casting a spell, so this couldn't hurt. Now, I took this idea to a guild enchanter, and the bill was over 50,000 gold. So I decided to enchant it myself for no cost.

Problem is, any DIY enchantment has a chance of failure. So I spent about 10,000 gold on enchantment training. I spent about half an hour save-scumming at this before chatting with Chaz GELF, who told me that constant effect enchantments are pretty much out of my reach unless I want to pay for it, or inflate my stats to obscene levels.

Guess I'm savin' up.