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Part 21: Of Corprus and ADD

Part 19: Of Corprus and ADD

You more observant goons may have noticed that Lizard Wizard's strength, intelligence and speed are all pretty much capped. That said, I'm going to be shifting gears and focusing more on willpower, agility and endurance.

For the agility part, I'm going to be throwing a lot of money at Block training. The thing about the Block skill is that you have to successfully block to raise it, but, of course, you need a passable Block skill level to successfully block. So it's just easier to train, at least until you get out of the lower levels.

Anyway, I got a little frustrated and I checked the wiki regarding that whole vintage brandy thing.

Really now? I wonder...


Awww yeah.

I sold vintage brandy to Creeper for a month straight and put my fortune to good use making that amulet. The spike in willpower amounts to about a six percent success rate increase for all our spells. Modest, but I'm okay with it! We'll have to find another source of income for other enchantments, as this little trick only works

While catching a teleport back to Balmora via the Caldera Mages' Guild, I came across some even better alchemy tools. Burgle burgle!

As long as we're on the subject of alchemy, I should note that my vigorous mushroom training has taken me to the next level. I can now identify all potential effects of an ingredient, and Saltrice just became about twenty times more useful as a result.

Next, we need to bust a fellow thief out of prison.

Word is one of the jailers is taking bribes to look the other way on some local smuggling.

Smuggling of dwarven geegaws, to be precise. Now it's off to the prison.

New-Shoes is free as a bird.

I think Habasi's oversimplifying things a bit.

Anyway, this is a trial-and-error quest that requires you to mention the South Wall to the whopping four High Elves in Balmora. This man is the obvious master thief. We tell him "hey help out with our gang wars or something" and he says "okay".

Aw man. We could've done some crimes. But hey, new title!

All done!

What's new, Caius?

I'm ready for anything, baby.

Yeah thanks I'll try not to spend it all on one repair bill.

I think the Sixth House may have something to do with this mission. Off to Fort Buckmoth!

Gnaar Mok, got it.

Khartag Point is a needlessly fancy name for "yeah, just go north from town".

Brought to you by random dungeon naming procedures.

As promised, it's a sea cave -- and that means the whole damn place is water-logged.

Another corpse, another armor upgrade.

There's no way we're not going through this door.

Oh god fire guy.

Okay, now I'm officially pleased. This is the best medium armor in the game bar Ordinator armor. And Ordinators will kill you on sight for wearing their chestpieces, so this is as good as it gets, baby.

This place sure loves its evil wizards.


If we're not getting close to the boss, I'll eat my Extravagant Pants.

When I get to the boss room, I'm assailed by a dialog box. Lore lore lore Dagoth Ur and Nerevar were friends once.

Raised questions aside, we're here to kill this guy, so stab-stab-stab!

Wha the huh?

Oh, okay, I've got Corprus now. Caius will know what to do!

"Go see this wizard off the coast of Sadrith Mora."

Can do!

Pretty gnarly place if I do say so myself.


What soul gems?

Huh. A dead end. Where am I supposed to-

Ohhh. Levitation time!

Yes, we get it, we're the Nerevarine.

A fetch quest, then.

Be right back, mister!

"Don't touch the guys with zombieitisosis or else."

It's just a winding tunnel sorta deal.

Jesus. We pick up the boots from this goony goon goon and remember to get some Bactine later.

Hey, you're the expert.

So yeah. We still have Corprus, but just the disease immunity part now. Huzzah!

Now, as long as we're down near Sadrith Mora, let's join Wizard House.

Hey, that's worked for me up until this point. Sign me up!

Might as well get a quest while we're here.

Way to join a faction, Lizard Wizard.

Next, let's see about some Thieves' Guild duties!

While we're in the inn, we hoover up some spells.

A potion recipe. Oddly appropriate, considering I just joined the wizard house. To the potion shop!

It's certainly not on the same floor as the guard. It's upstairs, in a crate.

"Fry crack rocks, add crushed pearls, stir well."

I hate Wolverine Hall. It's a mess of corridors inside.

The best way to get to the mages' guild is to find the Imperial Cult entrance on the outside. Head out of the Cult and up the spiral staircase, and there's the Mages' Guild.

Oh yeah, almost forgot.

Get in there.

Hereyago, buddy.

Might as well check in while we're here.

Oh hey, that's pretty convenient actually. Right at our turn-in.

That's out of the way.

Let's go, mage lady.

Absolutely nothing happened. This is not the way to do an escort quest, Bethesda.

We'll keep that in mind, I guess.

Back in Balmora, I whip up a slightly better chameleon spell. Baby steps, Wizard Lizard.

I immediately employ the spell to help with some sneak training. Raising your Sneak skill is pretty simple. Just hold down the sneak button, make sure someone's head is in view and hold still. I squeeze out about five levels of Sneak, accruing one level of Illusion due to the constant chameleoning.

Then I just sorta dick around outside Seyda Neen for a while. Through soul trapping, save-scumming and summoning, I figure out that a lightning golem's soul, stored in a Greater Soul Gem, is worth a whopping 9000 gold. So we stock up on some of these until we can find an absolutely wealthy merchant.

I also poke my head into a tomb. This one's got vampires!

Vampire Dust seems pretty useful!

Ooh, another rich people house.

I'm using Invisibility, here. we're guaranteed not to be spotted, so I'm able to crit her right in the back.

I'll be taking that enchanting fodder, thank you very much!

These guys heard the commotion and rushed in to try and kill me. They're just warriors, not guards, so no consequences here.

What's all this, then?

Oh, it's a skooma lab. I like how Bethesda squeezed this in here.

I ran into this NPC on the plantation. Her name is all too true; turns out Argonians naturally change gender during their lifetime.

A daedric shrine? How tempting!

Took me a while to find the entrance. It's down low.

Whoa, this place is big for a daedric shrine. I start by going left, as is proper.

It's a bit hard to see, but I'm up against a dunmer and a dremora here.

I employ invisibility in order to take out the dremora first. I mean, he's the only real threat.

I have no recollection of that dialog.

Next, the right!

Nothing to write home about over here. A couple dudes, I guess.

Whoop, Dremora on patrol. This guy has a shielding spell, too. The most important thing against a powerful opponent like this is keeping healed.

Multi-tiered daedric shrine? Color me surprised!

Like I said, never rely on daedra. It's a bit hard to see, but there's a dunmer corpse there. She suffered friendly fire from the daedroth's poison spells.

One less for me to deal with!

The dunmer had some pretty cool stuff.

One more fella to stab here in another wing of the dungeon.

Collector's item! We'll take it, I guess.

Just one more room.

I have a rather fabulous wizard duel with the woman in here, and nick the robe. Can't hurt to have more than one!

She had a conjuration ring too, I think.

Yikes. Hope I never have to deal with that guy!


Might as well take this, too.

I think I forgot to get a proper screenshot of Caius. He's leaving Vvardenfell, and we need to go talk to one of our Vivec contacts about the dissident priests.

Also, we're level 20 now! Should we take a Tribunal vacation or not?