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Part 22: Tribunalations

Sorry for the lapse in updating. I had the bright idea of playing Disgaea and taking college classes at the same time.

Time to see what all this Tribunal stuff is about, if there's no objections.

Semisponge posted:

Oh dear, you missed some loot in Ilinubi.
To Ilinubi Ilunibi, then!

Along the way, I stopped in a cave in the Bitter Coast Region. Bog-standard couple of enemies guarding a smuggler hoard cave. The loot, however, was shockingly good. Seven Greater Soul Gems, five Grand Soul Gems, a better Jinkblade than the one I already had, and ten of these bad boys:

No, I'm not going to use any of these to kill Vivec early, shut up.

Anyway, here we are.

No real comment except to say this shit should've been on the back of the box.

More importantly, where's that loot?

How are u posted:

In the same room where you encountered Dagoth Gares. Look everywhere.
I love you guys.

Pretty close to the boss room, there's some conspicuous rocks. You'd think there might be some way to move them, but I couldn't figure it out. There's a room beyond there on the minimap, too! We'll be back, I'm sure.

What's all this, then?

Heavy armor or not, I'm never not wearing these gauntlets from here on out.

With that out of the way, let's get to this here expansion pack. If you speak to a guard about the assassins that've been attacking you, you'll be directed to an NPC in Ebonheart. It's just south of Vivec, and pretty much tied with Sadrith Mora for southernmost town on the island.head

Well, okay, it's more of a fort. Draw distance aside, it's really a view you should stop to enjoy from the roadside.

Excuse me, where's Questguy Importantchap?
Somewhere around here, fuck off.

There he is!

Great, that's all I needed to hear!

Take me away, fellow mage!

And just like that, we wink into a castle, in front of some unfamiliar ingredients flora, and an argonian mage. So far so good, Mournhold!

...okay, this was looking good.

I find an out of the way spot to loot some flowers. If memory serves, two of the three plants here are good for speed potions.

This sure is a castle. Let's see what the rest of the town has to offer.


Damn, even the clothes are fancier here.

While poking around a bit, I stumbled upon this big ol' statue. Wonder who that is?

This guard points us in the right direction! To the bazaar it is!

Oh god it's looking at me.

Fifty gold? I can definitely spare that.

Sure, what's another hundred?

A mere pittance for Lizard Wizard to part with, honest beggar!

Hey wait a minute

Uh...okay. Bye, elf.

Moving right along.

The Bazaar's kinda cool, Mournhold seems to be laid out in a circle, with four wide-open 'districts' making it up. It's a bit jarring compared to the towns in the base game. I can't quite put my finger on why it's harder to find stuff, but I'm willing to bet there were different design folks for Tribunal.

This dunmer woman wants us to find her a new boyfriend. Keepin' it in mind, I guess!

Huh. This looks like it should be a play, but she's not...doing anything.

Hey lady, is this supposed to be art or something?
Questgiver's backstage!

So yeah, these guys have lost track of their lead, who happens to be an Argonian that looks just like me, and I need to stand in for him. I'm given a book to study, and when I'm ready, I go out.

Pick the right line when prompted. If you pick the wrong line, your reward at the end of the quest will decrease. This is really a more fun quest to play than to see screenshots of, and I recommend that you find a video of it somewhere. It's fully voiced, and pretty entertaining while it lasts.

At a certain point, an assassin rushes the stage, and I deal with him about how you'd expect.

He has a pretty cool weapon! Slightly less damage output as our ebony.

The assassin was after the real actor the whole time

I stop by the shops to offload some of those Storm Atronach souls, but, to my dismay, nobody around here sells Greater Soul Gems. No get-rich-quick schemes yet, I'm afraid.

Go on.

I'll take it!

New rule: I am KEEPING this rat because he is awesome. I will be setting him immortal via the console, and if I ever lose him, I am giving myself a new one via the console. If anyone can mod in a tiny little fez for him, that would be great. I lose him in like ten minutes is why I made up this rule.

Those must be the sewers. Down we go!


This Khajiit wants us to leave her alone. I'm sure she'll never ever be part of a quest.

Sewer ghosts. I'm not impressed.

Murderface? Is that you?

You can't see it here, but there are two paths. One high, the other low. I take the low road to begin with.

After a while, I come to this goblin. He manages to rough me up quite a bit!

The path eventually leads to this entrance to the palace's basement.

Good to know, but not what we're looking for, so I try the high path way back there.

Remember, everyone: rickety mining doors mean evil!

Ooh, cool. I think I'll have a closer look.

Okay, so, I hate these guys. They're not all that strong, but they have numbers over me.

Man oh man do they have numbers.

Now it's just a matter of going from building to building.


This guy has no mask and a feldark shadowrat, which means he must be important.

He ain't so tough.

...huh. I guess there's more Dark Brotherhood guys to deal with.

Wait, what? He really was working for someone named H?

Next time on Wizard Lizard Mage Mage, we try to get to the bottom of this!