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Part 32: Wherein we carry out tasks to do with Raven Rock

Wherein we carry out tasks to do with Raven Rock

Now that we've arrived at Raven Rock, it's time to get to wizard work! Our first task is to find some ebony and bring it back to Carnius.

Thankfully, the exposed...nodes? of ore are right over there, so that part was easy. Now it's back to Fort Moonmoth.

Now, say what you will about Cliff Racers. They're ubiquitous and pointless, yes, but you don't have to fucking kill them three times. The only saving grace for Spriggans is that they occasionally drop precious magicka restoratives.

Aaaaannnyway, a bit of that later and we're here!

FredMSloniker posted:

I did a quick Google to find out what happens if you don't botch this quest and discovered that there's something you missed about what happens if you do botch it. Visit the questgiver again when it's convenient.

Well hey, Carnius is also in the shrine, so let's see about that. How's it goin, Jel-

I sorta wish I hadn't checked. Oh well, back to quest progression.

Carnius has a good point here. The ore was RIGHT THERE, the fort was maybe a mile away, and he had a workforce. Also, I guess we can trade in this stock certificate for money at some point, but not now. I think it's tied to your progress in the Raven Rock questline, but I'm not sure on that.

Anyway, you heard the man, time to sleep for three days straight outside the fort!

Protip: do not sleep with your sun damage robe on.

Annnnnd the bossman sends us back to the worksite. Personally I would've preferred if he'd just told us to check in at Raven Rock within a few days, but hey, bureaucracy.

Whoa, place got big in a hurry. What can we do for you, Falco?

Our first task? Ask the dirty tree-hugging Nord to leave.

Well, that ain't happenin'.

Ah, okay. Deal with him non-lethally. Fist-wise, that is.

Yeeeah, we're not fazing him much. I can hardly ever land a hit.


I'm truly sorry, but there's no way to make hand-to-hand combat look badass in screenshots alone.

But it works and Hroldar basically fucks off.

Wizard Lizard Sort-of-Non-Violent Mage! That's actually a pretty hefty reward for all we had to do.

One thing I'd like to point out is that I'm gonna be cutting back on wearing the robe. Don't get me wrong; it's useful, but I really prefer visibility and a good view over some magicka. I'll still be using it for dungeons, though.

Once again we're told to come back in a few days. This time we're gonna do something a bit more interesting to pass the time.

Like search the wilds for that Argonian corpse the captain's journal alluded to!

I'll be perfectly honest with you here, though, there was fuckall but wolves and bears along the coast. Note that thing sticking up between the trees, though.

Yeah, it's definitely there for a reason.

Well, that's real helpful.

I'd rather harm wildlife, to be honest. See that cave? We're not goin' in.

THIS cave, on the other hand, has a giant arch, and a dude in front of it to boot!

Well, I thought I was gonna have to kill you, but a quest is just as good!

I'm realizing a bit of a problem here. I have nothing I can use to heal others, and I can't really get the Draugr's attention without attacking it.

What I can do, however, is magic the chump in place so our friend can chop him in the knee. Is it me or does the Draugr look dumbfounded?

Treasure!, fuck Ingmar. Seriously.

Back to wandering. I managed to stumble upon a house of some kind.

Oh dear.

Yikes. Looks like the victim of a fireball to me.

But no, there's more to his death than that. He's carrying some moon sugar, and...

He...he? Ha ho?

Lanterns all aglow!

I think I might need the robe for this. Henshin a-go-go?

Yyyyyup, this seems to be the guy responsible for the moon sugar poisonings. It's really hard to get across how creepy he seems without hearing his song for yourself, so I hunted it down on Youtube.

Hell, this dude just likes his sugar, is all. Let's try and reason with him.

He seems more than willing to survive and enjoy his loony pop rocks in peace. Have fun, ya nut!

Our quest complete, we check in at the fort.

And upon repairing, I vow to use Chrysamere very, very sparingly from now on.

Confirm delivery, get paperwork.

Er...okay. That might be a problem.

Now that's decidedly helpful!

So I set forth. And I decide to try out my crossbow, too! One of the problems with my low skill, though, is that I can't hit with it,'s probably a bit too late to be using it. What can I say, I was bored.

And eventually, there's that ship. Seems to have crashed, though!

Cleaning up the Draugr is easy enough, though it's a bit harrowing now that I'm having to stick to my spear for fighting.

Round back is...some gal, apparently. Shame about the supplies, but we can get her to safety!

Considering what happened to Mirisa, my strategy this time is to stab enemies before she can try and attack them.

We pass a cave on the way in, so I cast Mark. We'll get to you in juuuust a bit, dungeon.

When we get to Raven Rock, the gal is ridiculously happy to see civilization.

Now, we've got a cave to check out!

It's alarmingly empty. But what's that over there?

Oh hey, ice sword. That could be pretty useful once I get back to Vvardenfell.

But the cave is haunted or some shit, and as soon as I grab the sword, a couple of skeletons show up to harass me.

I deal with them, and decide I should probably leave some stuff behind. That sword's heavy, and hey, maybe the next guy will want a flaming wolfsword.


Carnius is understandably pissed.

I've had about enough wildlife adventuring for now, so I just decide to wait out the three days in his office.

Geez, he's still pretty pissed. Back to Raven Rock, then!

This seems to be a key point in the Raven Rock questline. We can help Falco if we want, though my journal seems to imply I can side with Carnius too, if I want. Falco's a nice guy, but we may want to stay on the side that has, y'know, all the soldiers and money. It's up to you, though! I may not come back to Raven Rock immediately, but cast your votes!

So, uh...shit, Idunno. Skaal Village? Yeah okay Skaal Village.

We find another obelisk on the way there, this time with a wolf on it! Cryptic!

So let's see what this shaman fella has to say about restoring power and all that jazz.

So yeah, one of the items is a boring-ass lore story, and the other is a map showing us where to find more obelisks. Long story short, get quests, fuck bitches. Which shall we take on first?