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Part 33: Lizard Wizard gets Stoned

Lizard Wizard gets Stoned

Today we're going to be doing some main plot business and handling stone quests! On the basis of first-voted, first-served, we're going to the Sun Stone first.

Judging by the map, it should be easy enough to find by just following the river. Hey, are those bandits?

Yup those're bandits. No matter how strong you get, a three-on-one fight can get pretty harrowing!

And they broke my hat.

It takes a while, but I eventually get to the Sun Stone intact.


Go to the west and free the warm Sun from the Halls of Penumbra.
Fair enough! If you were paying attention last update, there's a pattern here. Each stone will more or less give us directions to its quest objective. West it is, then!

Whoa, okay, this is neat. Without the quest, you might not think much of it, but from this angle there's a clear footpath. I like it.

That's a pretty dark hole!

So yeah, that's the gimmick of the Halls of Penumbra. It's dark.

This is how you're probably supposed to run the dungeon.

And this is how I decide to go about it. Oh yeah, I enchanted up my weapon. It's the Sorcerous Scientific Skewer now. It scatters spear sparks!

Unfortunately, Draugr are dicks and resistant to shock damage, so I'm forced to whip out the good sword.

I come across a chest and...

pun pundit posted:

All the septims in the world won't help you when you're in the middle of a dungeon with a broken weapon. Sure, you could mark, ALMSIVI intervention, repair, recall... but hammers require far less loading screens. Oh, and armorer? Helps you not wear out those weapons and that armour in the first place.
Okay fine MOM I'll train my Armorer.

Eventually we come to a very clear boss guarding our literal light at the end of the tunnel!

Aw geez. Doesn't look like a bad guy, but he did aggro on me, so it's chop chop chop!

And hey, free eye!

The sun is freed! God help you if you impulsively ate the eye or mixed it into a potion.

After this, the cave is nice and well-lit. It's a little thing, but damned if the game doesn't have me charmed at this point. Anyway, back to the Sun Stone!

Upon our return, it glows. That means we did good! On to the Water Stone, which is pretty much on the opposite side of the map.

Riiiiight after some much-needed training in Balmora.

Turns out DIY repair isn't nearly as bad as I thought. I thought you pretty much had one shot with a repair hammer, and it'd break if you failed. Nope! It's actually pretty effective. Repairing Chrysamere is still a dicey proposition, though. I figure the chance of success is based on the value of the item, or something like that. And yes, the dagger is also enchanted. In any case, it'll take a bite out of my bills! Back to Solstheim to continue our

OHGOD. Morrowind can be very, very scary when not in motion.

Anyway! The Water Stone is in this densely iced area, pretty much northwest from Raven Rock.


Travel west to a small island off the coast, and follow the Swimmer to seek the Water of Life.

Yeeeeeeah. After a bit of trial and error, I found out that it's actually referring to this little speck of land. More northwest than west, really.

Hey, it's the Swimmer!

Follow the seal, poke your head into the cave, get the water.

Not much else to be said about that! On to Wind!

It's hidden among some of its creek stone buddies in the northern part of Solstheim.


Travel south and east of the lake of ice to Glenschul's Tomb and free the Winds from the Greedy Man's bag.
Yeah, for anyone who's wondering, the Greedy Man is basically The Grinch Who Stole the Elements. He's referenced in that boring-ass lore scroll we got.

En route to the tomb, I come across a conspicuous scene. My journal's kind enough to tell me that the Ricklings are harassing this bear. Ease the Good Beast's suffering and all that shit. Kill the Ricklings.

Then take the arrow out of him. Bear ya go, pal.

After that, just take him to the Beast Stone. He's a little...Bethesda pathfindy, so I had to go slow.

The Beast Stone is pretty jazzed to have its beast back. Next thing to do is head alllll the way back to Lake Fjalding and go southeast again.

The tomb's easy to miss, but there was a conspicuous gathering of Ricklings off the beaten path, so that helped.

Oh, it's one of those tombs.

And there's the bag.

The Wind Stone signals its approval with a disappointingly generic particle. We're on a roll, so let's knock out the other two. We're going by vote order, so Tree Stone is next! Just head south from the Wind Stone.

That's a Tree Stone if I ever saw one!


The First Trees are gone. Travel east and find the one who has stolen the Seeds. Beware--he who has the seeds, controls the trees. Plant the First anew.

...I see where this is going.

Yeah, this isn't how I was hoping for my day to play out.

It's a battle of attrition, but somehow I kill 'em all and nab the seeds.

Make sure you walk into this arbitary area next to the stone after getting the seeds!

Yeah, Tree Stone's a dick. One more to go!

The Earth Stone isn't far at all from Raven Rock. What kind of elementally relevant object does this one want us to get?


Travel northeast to the Cave of the Hidden Music and learn the Song of the Earth.

So yeah, here's the cave. I stumbled upon it before getting the quest, and it was sealed. So I'm a bit excited!

Turns out it's just as cave as all the other caves on this cave-ridden island of caves.

Aha, the Chamber of Song! This should be duly impressive!

Yeah, no, it's just a bunch of farting rocks that you need to rub in a certain order.

And thank god, that's the last of the stones. It was fun, it was different...but most of all it was different.

We're pretty close to Raven Rock about now. Should we help Falco with his problems, or see where all this nature business is going?