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Part 34: Wizard Lizard does the Raven Rock quests. ALL of them.

LogicReason posted:

So, was reading the last few updates, and saw the image of the freaky wolf in your face. And I figured, it obviously was just trying to be friendly, I mean look!

Missing File: OBiNk.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Dammit man, nobody's going to get that.
But that's okay, because today...

Wizard Lizard does the Raven Rock quests. ALL of them.

By popular demand, we're taking on the Raven Rock content, and we're with good old Falco for the ride.

As per usual, we'll use democracy to make our decision!

A trader, then.

And of course we need to let Carnius know.

Good to see you too, man. Sheesh.

Might as well get our money before relations turn sour, right?

For whatever reason -- I think I was under the impression that I needed to wait a while for the trader to be built -- I ran around hunting for a bit. I'd like to note that the Grimdark Inferno Hellblade that I enchanted last update isn't the strongest thing ever, but it's fast, so it evens out in terms of damage output. And hey, it's good for stunlocking shit!

I also got a dagger off one of those Fryse Hags that might be pretty useful once we get off Frost Resistance Island. I mean seriously, that's 100 damage right there.

Then I collected pelts and crammed them into tiny flasks. I honestly cannot imagine this being potable at all.

One last minor detail: THE BEAR PELTS HAVE FACES. I'm not sure if this is someone's idea of being cute or if they just reused the entire bear texture for the pelts.

Anyway, I've had my fill of wandering, so it's back to Raven Rock! What quest awaits me?

Ah. Of course.

Jeez, Carnius. You're kind of a dick.

But that doesn't matter, because we have real work this time! Some asshole delivery captain is trying to shake down the colony for money. Surely we can reason with him!

Or not.

Always, always follow up on topics!

So we do the logical Morrowind thing and just ask everyone. Apparently Elberoth was the Wood Elf who crashed that ship a few updates ago. And would you look at that, another topic! Baro did mention something about a stupid sword...

So anyway, we talk the dame into giving us the saber. It's shitty, but I think we can go somewhere with this!

Oh, did you mean...

THIS saber?

He understands things pretty good, and we get ourselves a sweet 1000 gold reward from Falco.

But all is not well at Raven Rock! We've got a thief! Let's investigate.

The chest should be around here somewhere...

There it is! But strangely enough, no ore. That complicates matters.

So we have to follow him around until he does the deed.

This is EXACTLY what invisibility is for.


We should look into this. Like, now.

Carnius, you're kind of really a dick.

I head back to Raven Rock, setting a new Mark this time for convenience's sake.

Well, that sucks. And we only got 500 gold, too.


You heard the man!

Ah, this quest. This is where the trouble started.

Go up to the bar, the old lady implores us to take it easy on the poor sap.

Head into the bar, this guy gives us some quest about proving frost elves were real or some shit.

But more importantly? No belligerent drunk elf to be seen. This seems to be a bug encountered with the Morrowind Patch Project. I try a number of fixes, but no go.

I'm left with no choice but to advance this shit manually.

Let's just pretend it really happened.

Sucks that I had to do it, but on with the show!

Mysterious ice in a burial cavern, eh? Where could this be going? I was a bit stumped as to the location of Graring's house, but then I realized it was right next to the Wind Stone and boom, smooth sailing.

I arrive at the house to see combat!

I've seen the three before, but, uh...I don't really know who to help, so I just watch. Sorry, Graring!

Luckily he pulls through, and...holy shit.

Ho-lee shit.

I can.





Well, okay. The Stahlrim dagger isn't too great, but the whole concept is the very best of and combined. And hey, coming soon, Wizard Lizard Nord Sword!

Random ambling-in-the-wilderness highlight: this guy.

Anyway, back to Raven Rock! Falco also thinks Stahlrim weapons are neat.

But enough of that! We've got an urgent report to deliver!

We get to his office without issue, but nobody's home except his assistant.

Who pops a trap that inflicts us with massive Burden and Drain Speed penalties.


All makin' me drop my weapons to walk

All imposin' a five-hour time limit

Have a report, dicklord! SHEESH.

Falco also agrees that Carnius is a dicklord. Falco is good people.

Our next task: Spriggans?

Okay. Spriggans.

So yeah, the next problem is magic trees.

We have to get to a specific part of the mine.

And there's the root of our troubles, as promised.

C'mon, science man, let's you and me look at that root.

So naturally we need to poison the water so that the root dies. To do this, we need Bittergreen Petals from Vvardenfell.

I set a Mark at the bumfuck bottom of the mine because, well, it's hard to get to!

I then go to Gnisis and buy what I need from this guy, who I googled because fuck it.

I also...sorta pissed off an Ordinator.

More armor for me, I guess!

And back to our Mark. Do your thing, Doctor Science. I'll let Falco know.

A suitable reward for such a time-consuming task if I do say so myself!

This is one of those quests where you just talk to everyone.


In the end, I just found the one volunteer. There may've been more, but I just wanted to get past this 'talk to people' quest.

Oh yeah no that's cool, I've got stuff going on. See you in a few days.

I've got plenty of stuff goin' on.

Time to guard Falco from assassins!

It was about as hard as you might expect.

And hey, new shield! It's even better than our Ordinator shield, and shockingly enough, it's Medium Armor!

And now we have to go pick up some swords. I've got a bad feeling about this.

Huh, that was easy. Now I just have to Recall and-

Oh, right, my Mark is here now. No problem! Up and out we go!







But seriously, I wound up having to manually advance the quest again. Time to go check those bodies!

Or...I would, if the bodies hadn't disappeared while I slept for three days in hopes of fixing Falco.

Oh look I found a note and gave it to Falco.

And we get the note back, too!

It's like they knew I'd break the quest



Are such!



You're damn right I'm the Factor.