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Part 35: Of Skaal and Stahl

Shugojin posted:

...Nah, I'll tell you. You wore an Indoril helm/cuirass and evidently initiated conversation with an Ordinator. Now ALL Ordinators are hostile to you. This includes Mournhold's High Ordinators!

Enter all of the following console commands to unfuck yourself.
Bring 'em on then! I have no need of unfucking, for I am not truly fucked unless I can't beat the game. Anyway, I know I told y'all the update was this weekend, but it turns out I've got shit to do, so merry today, goons!

Of Skaal and Stahl

Last time, I neglected to mention that I leveled up. Oh well, big deal and whatnot, a few more stats in the stat bucket. Today, I have far more important business.


I've cleaned this place out before, so there's not much to say. Grabbed me three chunks of dead Nord.

Now it's off to Ingmar's place, keeping an eye out for more tombs. But what's this?

Whoa. These three stones all have names.

And there's a nearby cave!

Oh boy, this guy. He's pretty long-winded, so I'm just gonna save y'all some time.
A witch turned all my friends into rocks...tell me if you find Valhalla for me, I guess...

So...yeah, movin' on, with another quest simmering on the backburner.

I stumble upon another tomb and, surprise surprise, I've not been in there yet!

Wowie, three chests side by side. I like this place already.

I decide to grab my hunk of Stahlrim before fucking with the high-level trapped chests, though.

Let's crack 'em open!

Chest number one yields KNOWLEDGE!


Chest number two yields a bitchin' ring that I'll get to in a minute.

This helmet is amazing. Now, the Detect Animal enchantment on this thing is nearly useless. All it does is put little red blips on the minimap to signify animals. By the time you can see them on your minimap, though, you can pretty much just look at them manually. But that's not the amazing part. The amazing part is A) it's thrice as protective as our regular bear helmet, and B) it's a MAGIC BEAR HELMET. Needless to say, I left that tomb quite chuffed.

And before you know it, here we are at Ingmar's! After a fair bit of save-scumming, I found out something.

I found out that the armor you make from Stahlrim is pretty much the best medium armor in the game. Dropped my ordinator armor on the spot.

Hey there journal update how's it goin'? Guess I should go back to Raven Rock, then.

Now, about that Hoptoad Ring. And the Jump effect in general, I guess. You ever played any of the 3D Mario games? This baby basically lets me do Luigi-class long jumps. As such, it's pretty much the best. Yahoo!

I arrive at Raven Rock and oh hey, it's got walls now I guess.

Whoa, sweet, a house.

As the guy explains, we pick one of three possible sites for our estate.

Too isolated.

Too in front of a house.

Actually a dock.

Guess that just leaves the one option, then! We'll be back to check on our house later. For now, though, we've got Skaal things to do!

Jump cut!

Okay, so, cool, we get to play detective.

I decide to leave the mace behind, simply because it weighs 90 pounds and I'm just not into maces.

Outside is Engar, so we talk to him first. He seems like good folk. Rigmor spends a lot of time with Engar's wife, eh?

Next stop, scene of the crime! Don't mind the idle dialogue.

Well. They've got a lot of hides, that's fur sure. :rimdowns:

There are even furs on top of the blankets! Such unbridled excess...wait.

Zoom in! Enhance!

Decisive evidence!

Let's go, buddy.

Hey, this guy's an asshole, we can't let him live.

In ya go, jerk.

The wolves appear, make short work of him...

And there they are, gone.

Next, a test of strength! To Lake Fjalding!

Oh hey there's the shaman.

Go into the lake, get the Draugr Lord to stop that shit. Got it.

In we go!

It's a cave. It's got Draugrs.

It also has, of course, more Draugrs.

Seems like the right place.

So! It turns out the Draugr Lord was actually a Nord wizard who turned himself into a Draugr so he could hold back a bunch of daedra with a force field forever. Gotta help wizards!

Oh hey there hordes of Frost Atronachs.

That went well, and Aesliip can die in peace. His ring's pretty neat, too. It fortifies our magicka, but not our maximum magicka, so if we slip it on when fully rested, we get 222 magicka to play with. It can't be restored beyond 147, but it's a boost nonetheless!

"See ya, I'm gonna stare at the lake for a while."

On my way to report to the chief...werewolves, apparently.

A veritable shitload of 'em, at that. They're not too tough, though.

Fair enough.


I think one of 'em breathed on me.

Infected? Dude, relax. It's literally one point of damage fatigue. I don't need to cure anything.