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Part 38: Christmas Wizard, Ho Ho!

Christmas Wizard, Ho Ho!

Hello, readers! We can't be going home to Vvardenfell just yet, for it's time to sprinkle one last handful of generosity over this cookie we call Solstheim.

In my previous journeys, I stumbled upon a mysterious book. A pale white elf in Solstheim? Why, that sounds like a frost elf! I believe we know someone who would like this very much.

Now, where could he have gotten to?

There he is!

Here you go, little boy! Don't read it all in one place! Christmas Wizard, away!

Next, with a wizardly leap, we whisk ourselves away to the shores of Lake Fjalding to sample the holiday cheer of our FAVORITE mead house!

Oh dear. It would seem there's been a maypole mishap!

I see! The jealous Udyrfrykte down the lane is to blame. Let's pay him a visit, shall we?

I know what you need, my grumpy friend! A delicious ice pop!

Careful, it's a bit sharp!

Here's our problem! His heart was too small! Surely Svenja will be forgiving if we show this to her.

Yes, a monument! A cautionary monument to the dangers of low cheer.

Finally, before we resume celebrating, I must go north and receive Happy Hrothmund's blessing.

Hrothmund lives in a magical barrow just a stone's throw away from Castle Karstaag!

Oh Happy Holiday Hrothmund, I axe you for your season's blessings!


The winter winds shall know where to go!

The hall is back to normal! Cheer is everywhere!

And what happened then? Well, in Solstheim, they say...

...that the beast's heart was brewed up, for science, that day!