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Part 37: Bye, Bye Bloodmoon

Bye, Bye Bloodmoon

I know what you're thinking. I know. Gravyflood, why have you abandoned your thread for the past week? How could you give up on Bloodmoon?

I'll tell you why.


As soon as I teleported in here, Hircine showed up and told me about some hunt. It was between me, some guy from Fort Frostmoth, the chief of the Skaal, and a fucking frost giant, of all things. Oh, and there'd be be werewolves, of course.

So let's do it!

Whoops, that's right, people hate werewolves.

Let's do this right.

This time, Carius is way friendlier. Sure, let's plow through some werewolves!

Now, although I'm making progress, I need to call your attention to something. Pictured here is a werewolf who has clawed me once, taken some thirty Grimdark Inferno Hellstabs to the face, and is in the process of pushing through all 75 points of elemental damage from Porygon's Ring of Trine. These guys can two-shot me, and they're fucking meatwalls. This is gonna be a theme.

Here we are about twenty feet from the entrance. Which, might I add, is sealed so we can't get out. There's werewolves waiting for us to the left, and there's this guy, who I believe I may have been in the process of whittling down by jumping him into a fright.

Then I get an idea! MAGIC!

That's one more down. Say, maybe I can paralyze them all with my jinkblade!

Or, alternatively, I could just get raped.

Okay. New plan.

Me and Carius were able to take down a werewolf easily enough. So how about me and Carius and A LEGION OF DAEDRA?


Okay, that seemed to work! Let's try a Golden Saint this time.

Not pictured: our Imperial buddy crumpling after one more blow.

The Saint didn't kill the werewolf, but it was enough for me to finish it.

This dungeon's gonna be tough.

And when the going gets tough...

...the tough get Bloodslurp!

Good fortune! We're one step closer to leaving this laborious lupine labyrinth!

I say, that's an unnerving sculpture. Oh well. Not as if it's going to spring to life at us.


Taste my particle embellishments!

All this battle has left me a bit light-headed. But nothing a good soul d'ouvre won't solve.

These werewolves are proving quite trivial to slurp, if I do say so myself. Come, my scaled compatriot! Onward!

Dear sweet monocle of Akatosh. Don't just stand there! Cheat, man, cheat!

And so I did. Normally, I might apologize for using god mode. But fuck no. I tried to get through here, and I'm convinced that it's legitimately unbeatable. So fuck that swarm of werewolves. Switch off god mode, through the portal we go.

And as soon as we transition into the next area, Heart-Fang is on us, requesting an alliance. Fuck you. Fuck this continent. Fuck this expansion. I'm murdering you.

O...kay. Turns out he's a magic werewolf because of a magic ring.

Fortunately, he's not one of those voodoo-ass super-strong bullshit werewolves, so he goes down pretty easily. So we get Hircine's Ring, which...lets us be a werewolf any time. Not really worth it. Oh, and it turns out he was hoarding the key, so fuck him.

There's gotta be a better way to get through here.

Oh wait MAGIC.

In we go! At least we know there's just one hunter left.

The rest window is blocking it, but there's a frost giant down there in the distance. You'll see him soon enough.

Yeah, funny thing about this "must feed soon" mechanic.

It can basically be completely ignored. I waited through the night and used my werewolf powers of RESTORE HEALTH ENTIRELY.

Now, let's do this. This guy can hit like a truck, and there's only one thing to be done about that.

Okay, so his body doesn't have a key. Big deal.

The portal's probably open now anyway.

Or not. Sure, let's have another boss fight.

Oh, a riddle.

Y'know, if there's one thing this last dungeon-- if there's one thing this last ENTIRE GAME has taught me, it's that nothing will do you any good without killing power. Of course strength is the most important thing.

And with that, Hircine transforms. The form representing his strength is what we'll fight, and it's apparently some fashion of bear-badger-deer-ram demon. It hits pretty hard, but fortunately, it's slow, so we can chip it down.

I employ the usual tactic, of course.

And we wind up here. After being startled into clambering up onto a platform that's raised maybe two feet above the ground, the final boss of the expansion is trotting around, unable to get down as a wizard looks on in disbelief.


But at least we got a sweet ring, and we can get the fuck outta here.

We're treated to a cinematic of Hircine's sweet glacier fortress of death collapsing as he delivers a "hey, fuck you for beating me" speech.

We're free! Now, there's a quest to cure werewolfism that you can seek out.

I stumbled around for a while and it turns out you need to hear about this crow at Thrond's Altar from one of the NPCs on Solstheim.

As promised, there it is.

Whisk us away, witch crow!

Oh hey, Gloomy Cave. Y'know, that one empty cave we visited way back when? Turns out it's a witch cave, apparently.

We've got to fetch some stuff, of course.

Isobel needs Ripened Belladonna Berries. Thankfully, we already have some, so that was easy enough.

Fallaise, on the other hand, wants us to go get a flower from a mountaintop. Off we go!

As a side note, the Lizard Wizard Nord Sword is supremely effective. I think I'll be using it a lot.

That looks pretty mountain-y.


Hike hike hike.

Time to go to the Altar of Thrond, because hey, why let a perfectly good altar go to waste?

Any weapon, you say?


Congratulations! Your VIRGINHEART has evolved to WEREWOLFHEART!

Let's just gob it back in there. Presumably through that gigantic mouth.


Stab stab stab, dead.

And with that...we're finally done with Bloodmoon.

I'm coming home.