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Part 100: Better Know A Majin: Velox

Better Know A Majin: Velox

Name: Velox
Meaning: Latin for ‘swift’.
Appearance: Velox are sort of anthropomorphic fox-women with bows. Their art doesn’t really bring across how inhuman their animations are.
Physical Power: Medium
Physical Defenses: Low
Magical Power: Very Low
Magical Defenses: Low
Vulnerabilities: Velox are vulnerable to numerous elements and slashing attacks. Their defenses overall are very flimsy, and they have no real resistances.
Skills: Velox generally do not have skills, though higher level ones might have a Status Attack of some kind.
Special Notes: Shortbow range (2-4 squares).
Tactical Assessment: Velox are more of a threat than Apis but are still not particularly dangerous. They’re very vulnerable to the three most common magical elements among party members, Fire, Light, and Darkness. Just do your best to stop them shooting at vulnerable people.
Threat Level: Low