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Part 103: Better Know A Majin: Otakuphant

legoman727 posted:

I gotta admit, that unused Peacock Majin actually looks really cool.

And there are a whole bunch of other unusued Majin we'll be seeing later on, most of which are extra animal-people with some pretty interesting designs.

Now let's Better Know a Majin!

Better Know A Majin: Otakuphant

Name: Otakuphant
Meaning: Combines the Japanese ‘otaku’ with the word ‘elephant’, a clear reference to it being a creepy tentacle elephant.
Appearance: Otakuphant is a creepy floating elephant thing with trunks instead of tusks, I think the idea is to evoke the sea in its appearance. It’s noted as somewhat inspired by Hindu mythology in the artbook if I recall.
Physical Power: Medium
Physical Defenses: Medium
Magical Power: Medium
Magical Defenses: Medium
Vulnerabilities: Otakuphant’s main vulnerabilities are Slash attacks and Dark magic. He’s also somewhat vulnerable to Earth and Pierce attacks. He’s totally immune to Water, and both Light and Strike attacks are substantially reduced in effectiveness against him.
Skills: Otakuphant is armed with some pretty nasty for when you meet him Water magic and the ability to heal himself. Once that’s run out, though, he’s reduced to a melee attack no stronger than the Majin around him. He’s got the Alert skill, which means you don’t get bonus damage for side/rear attacks. Keep this in mind while trying to bring him down.
Special Notes: Only appears in the map “Offering” in Ashley’s first stratum. His Demon Aura is vulnerable to Earth Magic of any type. Despite his resistance to Mind status Sleep does seem to work on him semi-reliably.
Tactical Assessment: Otakuphant is probably the hardest First Stratum guardian to capture on a first run, because he is very resistant to everything Ashley does. He can do serious damage to a character that is vulnerable to his Water magic, so be ready for heavy healing when he’s throwing Aqua II’s around. Also watch for the Freeze status, which that can inflict. If you can land it, the Sleep status will make capturing this Majin significantly easier, as it guarantees a critical hit from both ends of a Combo.
Threat Level: Medium-High