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Part 28: Valley: Stray Boss: Morpheus

After slaying a numberless Majin horde, the Hero squared off against their grim master, the Demon Lord Morpheus. The only certain thing is that neither returned from that battle…
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

Beauty and the Beast

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I aim to find out.

Video- “Stray Lead In”

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Commander Olifen, may we please have a moment with you?
What is it…?
Levatte thinks the architecture here is Valdia, and I agree. What do you think?
It’s possible.
The style is quite similar to that of ancient Valdian architecture.
In truth, it’s more than just “similar,” Commander.
But why is that?
Well, I have a theory. The area where Besek appeared had old ruins.
Besek may have absorbed them, and made them part of it.
Also… Well…
Go ahead, out with it!
What’s the best way to say this…? Something’s… wrong… with this area.
You said it, Levatte. I think this used to be a town…
But it’s not like any town I’ve ever seen. There isn’t anything that looks like a home.
Commander Olifen, do you think we’ll find an exit from this place…?
What do you mean?
The boy catches on quick, doesn’t he? Yes… quite clever.
Who goes there!?

It was a Majin. I’ve never seen one like it, and I hope I never do again.

Wh-What? A Majin that speaks our language!?
Indeed. My name is Morpheus.
Tell me, Falsin, what drives you further into Besek?
Boss, you better watch out. Only the strongest Majin can talk like we do.
Yeah… I know.
My sole mission here is to find Princess Lenarshe.
Lenarshe…? Hmhmhm, that name is quite familiar…
Filthy Majin! You are not worthy to speak her name!
Hahaha… There’s no need for such anger.
You weren’t speaking from your heart there… or WERE you?
From this point further, only those whose loyalties lie with greed and ambition will survive.
The weak must not be allowed to pass.
Return home, Falsin. You don’t belong here.
Step aside, wretched Majin!
Do you actually think your words mean anything to me!?
Out of our way! I won’t ask again!
IF you do not let us pass, we shall cut our way through you!
Hmph… You won’t live long with that kind of attitude.
Alright, Falsin! Let’s see what you can do!

Even if we didn’t want to fight Morpheus, we had no way back to Isapolis and no way forward.

Video- “Stray

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Ally Team:
We’ve added the mercenaries Nena and Irina to our party. Nena’s not that useful on this map but Irina does bring some more healing to the party so she’s worth having.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against the same mix of priestly enemies we faced last time we fought Morpheus. There’s Priests, who you’ll recall as light melee fighters, Priestesses who cast, and Acolytes who have heavy melee power. Even though we’ve seen him before, let’s bask in the glow of Morpheus’ awesomeness again.

He’s not quite Doom Shade, but Morpheus can do massive damage with his Malus III. If he gets into the casters, he can easily kill them in a single hit with his Primal Slash. He’s not incredibly resistant to anything in particular, but he’s definitely a tough character.


We’ve got a formation that’ll allow us to keep the enemy out of our vulnerable characters as best we can. The problem is that nobody but Olifen and Logue can really withstand Morpheus’ attentions. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

Tactical Objectives:
-Kill them all


This could be interesting…
You, Falsin! Do you enjoy the blood of the dragon?
Shut up!
A Falsin drenched in Majin’s blood…! Ha, answer me!
Stop it!!!
Kill them! Destroy them all!!!
Logue!? Dammit…!!!
May Holy Atona bless our swords with her might.
We shall vanquish all evil, in the name of Valdia!

We start out the map by buffing Logue with Olifen, which gets him a level.

Olifen gets Air Attack, which is pretty nice given any of his classes will always be better at hitting things than casting. He can smash things that are vulnerable to Air pretty decisively.

I haven’t had such a great duel in a long time…!

We throw some buffs around and advance slowly. The first Acolyte moves up but doesn’t get in range to attack. It’s never going to either, because we give it a quick one-two from Olifen and Logue and already it’s almost dead.

That’s the Majin who terrorized Westmoor!
The hero Rondemion sacrificed his life to kill him!
You mean THAT Morpheus!?
How is he still alive, and why is he here!?

Marie then finishes the job as she does best, with unstoppable magical power. The Acolytes are terrible threats with their Fracture Attack so it’s good to kill them fast.

Hahaha… It’s far better you DON’T remember it.
If you DID, you’d shrink in terror.
*whimper *

Olifen’s advance has drawn one of the Priestesses in, which was sure bad for it. He runs up and almost cuts it clean in half. Marie also engages the Priest right ahead of the party from a range with her new Aero II, which Bleeds it. It runs up to hit Logue, and it joined by another soon after. The Priestess Olifen was fighting hits him and runs, but not far enough to avoid him killing it soon after. Logue swings at the new Priest, doing terrible damage to it as well and putting it in the perfect position to be killed by Marie. The Priestess on Logue’s side heals the Bleeding Priest, but his luck isn’t getting any better and he gets Feared by Nena’s Malus I spell.

I’ll slay him with my own sword!
I’ll slay the Majin who killed Rondemion!
Boss, don’t let your guard down! He’s very strong…
Yes… Please be careful! He may be toying with us.

Olifen continues his reign of terror, hitting the Priest on his side for most of its health.

Die! Die! DIE! DIE!!! Die and become part of me!
Hmph. Don’t mistake me for some runt Majin.

Logue runs up and smashes the Priestess on his side for much of its health. The second Acolyte has run up, so Marie blasts it with an Aero II, nearly killing it. Olifen manages to finish the job, though he’s not in a great position now. His former target has run up to attack Olifen ineffectually. Levatte Fractures the last Priestess with a Terra II. Nena finishes off the Feared Priest, taking us down to just two normal enemies and Morpheus. Speaking of, he charges up and clocks Olifen one good with a Malus III, nearly killing him. As we get him healed back up, Logue clocks the Fractured Priestess, getting him a level.

No new skills, but he’s getting closer and closer to a class change. It’s very dire that we be ready to heal whoever Morpheus is attacking now, because even the casters will get bloodied by that damned Malus III.

Isn’t it clear that Falsin like you are no match for me?
Laugh while you still can! I’ll still destroy you!

Olifen cuts the last Priest down, giving us just Morpheus to deal with. I try to Bleed the big guy with Marie’s Aero magic, but he’s pretty tough. Now it’s just a matter of throwing everything we can at him to get him low, then take him down with whoever I decide I want to give the experience to. I’m not really going to give a blow-by-blow, but Levatte does level up at some point.

Nothing new for him, it’s kind of irritating. Logue managed to Fracture Morpheus, and while I wanted to finish him with a Combo I end up just saying screw it and drop him with Olifen.

Your bravery entertained me very well.
For that… I shall open the path for you.
Trying to show some dignity in your defeat, Majin?
HAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s the spirit, Falsin!
Rage and madness are what’ll keep your alive in Besek!
Don’t die and disappoint me, now… Hahaha…

Battle Results:

Olifen 10->11
Logue 9->10
Levatte 7->8


We won, but the victory tasted like ashes. Morpheus vanished without a trace, and then…

Video- “Stray Lead Out”

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Why did he… let us win…? What did he stand to gain from that?
He also said… he’d open the path for us. What does THAT mean…?
He meant the path to the next Stratum. That way is now opened to you.


Well, Olifen. It’s certainly been a while.
Your Majesty, I’m so glad to see you’re alright in this godforsaken place!
You are overexaggerating a bit.
I can assure you that I’m perfectly safe.
My Lady, we have come to rescue you from this place.
His Majesty and your countrymen are concerned for your safety.
We’ll bring you back to Castle Valdia and spread the great news throughout the Kingdom!
I’m afraid I can’t do that.
I-I beg your pardon?
Certainly, I will NOT be going anywhere with a fraudulent Commander.


Y-Your… Majesty…?
You are dismissed. I have no intention of leaving with you.
What are you talking about, My Lady!?
Besek isn’t a safe place for you! You cannot stay here!
I-If something were to happen to you… I-I’d never be able to forgive myself…
I’m not a weakling who can’t survive without your protection.
In fact… I don’t need you at all.
Olifen, this is a direct order from the Princess to the Commander of the Valdian Knights: Leave Besek immediately.
What are you saying!?
It’s for your own good. Somebody as weak as you could never survive here. Besek is dangerous.

Farewell, unworthy Commander.
If only I’d never met you… I wouldn’t have had to suffer like this…

Lenarshe disappeared in a flash of light. But that pain in her voice at the end… I know she gave me an order, but I just cannot follow it.

Please… come back…
We must go after her.
Go after her? How will we even find her!?
It doesn’t matter!!!
I don’t care how you do it. Find her! That’s an order from your Commander!
That’s enough out of you!
I know you’re worried about her…
But if we’re reckless about this, we won’t survive long enough to find her.

I know Marie’s right, but…. I can’t just give up.

My word, you saw Morpheus out there!?
I had thought he was slain by the Hero of Legend!
Is something the matter? If you require anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

A mercenary from Stag looking for some escaped criminal asked to join us, I said it was okay.

Vivian: Please exercise extreme caution.
If you need anything else, come talk to me.
If we work together, we can both find what we’re looking for. How about it?
Very good. I can depart whenever you’re ready.

The Church has some other people here besides Levatte it seems. The first was Yuri, who seems on the level.

Yuri: I’m traveling around the world to help those in need! How about you?
Saving the Princess? Wow, that sounds really difficult!

One of the Count’s Koona wanted to join us, seems he felt more safe traveling with our group.

Pata: Yrgna yrev yrev Anook!
Nioj Anook a tel uoy lliw!

Also from the Church there was a guy named Stein. He seemed sort of shady, but maybe shady is what we need now.

Stein: I am investigating Besek under orders from my Master.
I see you’ve personally come to save the Princess… How unimpressive…
Are you heading out again? May I travel with you?
Remember, I join you only because it’s convenient, not because we’re friends.

I’m hoping maybe Mana’s Majin research will bring us some kind of method to defeat them quickly.

Hello, Mana.
Is your research going smoothly?
Mana: Unfortunately, it takes a long time just to research a single Majin.
Well, there’s no need to rush. It’s all about taking things one step at a time.
Mana: That’s a great attitude!
I’ll do my best to help protect people from being harmed by the Majin!
That’s good. But you’re still young, so don’t push yourself too hard, okay?
Mana: Hehe! You still think I’m just a little child, don’t you?
I may look like this, but I’m actually much, much older. Did you know that?
H-How old are you then?
Mana: Didn’t you ever learn that it’s rude to ask a girl her age?
Oh, pardon me.
Mana: Hehehe…

Shelayla seems to be recovering, which is good. I think I’d go crazy right about now if I didn’t have a retreat from this crazy place.

Hello, my lady.
Shelayla: You are the brave Commander of the Valdian Knights, are you not?
Uh, well, yes. Is there a problem?
Shelayla: I’m impressed. For a knight, your manners and speech are quite proper.
Pardon me. It’s a habit of mine.
I come from a royal background, so I was raised in high society.
I haven’t been part of that lifestyle for awhile, though…
Shelayla: Well, it’s no wonder you’re so good with the ladies.
N-No, I’m not at all…
Shelayla: Hahaha, you’re such a charmer. I feel like I’m talking to Count Duphaston.

We’ve reached the Second Stratum of Besek now. Levatte said there’d be three paths, and that seems to be the case. We’re thinking things through right now.
- operation record, Commander Olifen