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Part 48: Stratum 1: Omens Part 2 Boss: Moon Belator

The superstitious tales of ‘were-wolves’, men who become monsters at the full moon, may have been inspired by a particularly brutal Majin known to appear on moonlit nights and slaughter passersby.
- excerpt, Legend Cycles of the Ancients

Leader of the Pack

Majin like this are a waste of my time.

Video- “Omens Part 2”

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Ally Team:
We’ve got the same team as last time, we’ve only got six people so there’s not much choice.

Enemy Team:
We’re up against a lot of familiar Majin here. There are two Dawnwalkers, two Velox, two Caprus, two Aquamotes, and the Moon Belator.

The Moon Belator is an interesting enemy. He’s a tough physical attacker with an impressive basic attack level, which we’ll see later. He can Bleed targets and has a powerful area of attack move called Astral Slash. He’s also got the really interesting skill called Desperation. This increases his attack power while he’s Bleeding, so we want to be careful about doing that. He’s vulnerable to Fire and Pierce attacks, so we either want to try and get him very low and hit him with a Pyro II or use Raki as part of a Combo to bring him low.


Same formation as last time, though we’re in a different order. Thage as always stays behind Raki at the start to keep her safe and set up a brutal one-two punch right off the bat.

Tactical Objectives:
- Capture the wolfman.


We start out by charging the near Dawnwalker with Raki and smashing it hard. This sets it up for Thage to knock it down, which gets her to level ten, one shy of her Class Change. After that, we start advancing everyone up to support Raki. The nearest Caprus meanwhile moves over and manages to hit Raki, which is fine really. The near Aquamote also moves up, which is really better than fine because we want to lure it nearer to our party.

We need to get rid of it, so we can damage him.
What do you suggest?
A piercing attack should make short work of that aura.

Raki strikes back at the Caprus that hit him. When it attacked him, it actually moved into Retica’s range and I lead him to shoot at it as well when Thage’s turn comes up. Thage then lights it up, Overkilling it. We get it captured to clear it from the way and then start advancing at the second Caprus, who is almost at our front now.

How dare you! You’ll pay with your lives!
Aw, is the little cub helpless…? Hahaha.

Aquamote’s making a nuisance of itself and has actually moved into range for me to attack it physically so it’s time to take it out. We capture the Dawnwalker to get it out of the way and Raki brings it down to near death.

Tell us, where’s the Eternal Poison?
Eternal Poison? What are you talking about?
I thought it was a prized treasure of the Majin?
I don’t know what you’re talking about.
I’m sure we’ll find a way of making you talk.

Thage closes the deal on the Aquamote, getting closer and closer to a level. We’ve got a Velox or two coming in, which isn’t really a thing because they kinda suck. Komori levels up while we’re getting the Caprus down to the right health level to take it out too. He gets improved evasion of Pierce attacks, which is helpful.

Wh-What do you want!?
Hahaha, I’m sure Besek has a plan for you!
Shut up!

A Velox comes up and shoots Raki with an arrow, which provides him with a level as well. He’s also getting close to a Class Change, which is nice.

You aren’t… Ranunculus, are you? The Silver Wolf?
A Majin like you has no business speaking my name.
Hahaha, I remember you leaving on a mission…
You said, “…the work of the Goddess.” And to think…
You’ve come back as a lap dog! Where’s your pride?
I’m tired of you. Get ready to disappear, forever.

Alexei moves up to get the second Caprus down to the red zone with a brutal swing. He might not be quite as good as Logue but he’s a serious beater.

Sage, is capturing Majin really the Goddess’s work?
I’ll collect ALL the Majin in my librum.
ALL… the Majin? Why?
Ha, you’ll see when I’ve finished my collection.
You’re a dangerous girl. You have to be eliminated.

The game was just hinting at us that we need to capture one of every type Majin in order to finish the whole thing, by the way. Anyway, Raki now has a chance to move up and introduce himself to one of the Velox that are busily wasting our time shooting at people. The nice thing about them, though, is that they’re providing a lot of obstacles that prevent the Moon Belator from moving to attack us right now.

Do you guys have any emergency Koona rations?
Koona? Those little bears?
Hahaha, you don’t eat Koona? What a shame.
They taste almost as good as you Falsin…
After we beat you, I’m throwing you into Camelia.
I’ll grind you up until there isn’t a speck of dust left.

Thage does not approve of Moon Belator and his Koona-eating ways. She then turns the Caprus into a blasted ruin, taking her to the brink of a level. One of the Velox has penetrated my lines but it can’t even do more than half of Yuri’s health with an arrow so I’m not exactly quaking in my boots here.

I hope you all don’t die on me too quickly…!
Hahaha, the more they boast…
The better they roast.

Speaking of, we weaken the other Velox with a whack to the noggin with Alexei’s big hammer and Raki finishes the first with a brutal blow from behind. Thage smokes the second, and gets a level and her class change. Hellcaster one, so let’s take a look at what she gets out of becoming a Hellcaster.

So there are a few things of note here. First is that we advanced to rank A in Dark magic, so we suddenly do a whole lot more with Dark spells. Second is that we just got six casts of Malus III to play with. It’s not as powerful as Pyro III but it’s certainly still got some punch to it. It also has a significant chance to cause Disease on enemies, which is one of the few status effects that can make something more vulnerable to magic by lowering their magic defense stat. Now we’re finally clear to push Komori up to catch the first blow from the boss, after which Retica breaks its Aura with an arrow. It comes up and deals a hefty blow to Komori, who also attracts the attention of the second Dawnwalker. He stays standing, though, so we can pump healing into him as we set the Belator up for a bruising. Yuri levels up as we’re getting this done.

Since we haven’t seen Yuri at levels this low here’s her stats, you’re really going to want to use her later so it’s good to put some effort into getting her up to useful levels early on. Aquamote joins the party too, going for Komori as well. He’s kind of in some shit and I’m going to need to pull him out soon but he did his job nicely. Alexei walks up to the Belator and with a brutal swing Fractures the big guy, breaking his defenses wide open. Now it’s only a matter of getting his health down so I can Combo him out of the park. I do also want to clear up our pest problem with respect to these new Majin, though, so Thage goes over and drops a Malus III on the Dawnwalker, which is a one hit overkill.

Huh? Is dying by MY blades not good enough for you?
No, not you! I want the Majin with the silver scythe!
Why don’t you go ahead and try forcing that out of me?
That sounds like a good plan!

It seems like our little friend here wants to have a chat with our good buddy Doom Shade from Ashley’s Tale. We spend a few actions slugging it out with the Belator to bring its health down and also throw a bit of attention the Aquamote’s way, since it can heal and all. And by a bit of attention I mean I chip it once then blast it with some fire magic that’s not quite powerful enough to overkill it. I send Retica around to capture some Majin, and he levels up in the process.

Retica’s actually hitting a good level now because we’ll be able to buy him a new bow that’ll make him less shitty very soon. His terrible starting weapon has really hampered his performance.

But you shouldn’t have survived this long.
Is that so? Well, I won’t be killed so easily!
And definitely not by a monster like you!
I must destroy you! All evidence of our sin must go!
Enough! It’s time we silenced you, once and for all!

You know, it sure is, and after a bit more chipping away Alexei and Raki do just that. Alexei levels up from the final blow itself, and Raki from capturing it, which gives him his class change. Windrunner was winning at the time so that’s what I went with after a bit of hemming and hawing.

Raki gets Air Attack, which is nice against things that are vulnerable to Air as you’d expect. With that, the map is over.

It’s not me… It’s not me… It’s not me… It’s not me…
Ha! You fools are walking the path of carnage…
It’s not me… It’s not me… It’s not me… It’s not me…
He had a big mouth… but he was all talk.
Thage, that Majin was talking about your librum…
Do you want to die, too?
This librum isn’t capable of capturing humans.
Are you alright carrying something that dangerous?
Don’t worry about me. You should worry about yourself.
You seem to be having trouble protecting yourself.
Err… You really have a way with words…

Battle Result:

Thage 9->11
Raki 8->10
Retica 6->7
Alexei 7->8
Komori 5->6
Yuri 5->6

Moon Belator Lv 12 x 1
Aquamote Lv 6 x 1
Caprus Lv 7 x 2
Velox Lv 7 x 2
Dawnwalker Lv 6 x 2



I ran into a familiar face earlier.

Video- “Omens Lead Out”

Click For Video

These lesser Majin are useless.
What are you doing here?
This place is dangerous. You have to leave, immediately.
I didn’t think I’d meet you here, Princess Lenarshe.
How do you know my name?
N-No, you can’t be…!
I’m Thage. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?
Is that… really you? But…!?
You can’t be Thage…
I should say the same about you. Are you really Princess Lenarshe…?
Thage, you must get out of here!
There’s nothing for you in this place.

I don’t see why I should be listening to her.

I wonder… What are you planning, Princess?
I have no answer for you.
And I have no reason to listen to you.
Thage, what are you saying!?
I’m in a hurry. I need to keep moving.
Thage… Why…?


I chanced upon a girl with a strange librum… Most curious, indeed…
A strange librum?
I believe it to be the Librum Aurora, which Lenarshe had taken with her.
It bears an unmistakable resemblance to that librum, although I have no idea from where she acquired it.
Lenarshe may try to contact her…
Finding Lenarshe is still your main priority, but I want you to keep an eye on this girl…
But of course, My Liege…

Not like I owe Lenarshe anything, it’s her fault if this little adventure doesn’t turn out well for her.

Many worthy adventurers come and go through my town…
Most are never heard from again… I hope you don’t become one of them.

Komori’s kid seems to have a real grudge against the Majin.

Nena: My adoptive father and I are on an personal mission…
You seek the Eternal Poison? I see… Uh, um, well…

Some archer trying to pretend he wasn’t from Stag joined up with us.

Velnor: I sense immense power emanating from you. You’re after the Eternal Poison?
A fugitive from my country is here in Besek… I’ve got to find him.
I need to find someone out in Besek. May I accompany you?
Thank you. My sister Vivian would approve of us working together.

The Knights have a growing presence here. Not really a surprise.

Irina: The Council instructed me to investigate Besek.

Elizabeth is still hanging around here.

Hello, yourself.
Elizabeth: Ha! Has my beauty left you at a loss for words?
You’re finally seeing the light!
Elizabeth: Wh-What? Why are you laughing like that!?
Oh, nothing…
Elizabeth: If you have something to say, then say it!
I could tell you, but I think it would hurt your pride.
Maybe another time, okay?

We saved a guy from the Majin today. I’m thinking we should have left him.

Shockburt: I must confess, it was one of life’s great pleasures being rescued by you.
Whatever, I just happened to be in the area.
Shockburt: Regardless, the enchantment I felt when you saved me… I know you felt it too.
Milady, I’ll never forget it. ‘Twas like the calm after a storm.
I had no fear of the monsters because I knew Fate would deliver me a savior.
And suddenly, a beautiful angel in black appeared before me.
She spoke in the loveliest voice I’d ever heard. Let me hear it, once more.
Geez, how long am I supposed to listen to this…?

Disgusting. Anyway, we’re done with this stratum now. Time to move on soon.
- recovered text fragments