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Eternal Poison

by Feinne

Part 93: Valley: Rebirth

The unfortunate and mysterious loss of King Belfour and the crown princess Lenarshe seemed at first to be a potential deathblow to the Kingdom of Valdia.
- excerpt, The Rise of Empires

Apocalypse, Now

Now this story has reached its climax.

Video- “Rebirth Lead In”

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Hahaha, the tales are merging. We’re being gathered.
What’s… What’s happening?
You should spend some time thinking before you start asking questions.
Hmph, you could’ve said THAT a little more nicely!
But… why ARE we here?
We’ve seen the Throne of God.
What!? Then you’ve all seen King Valdus, too?
W-Wait a minute…!
We may’ve all SEEN him, but I… I fought him.
I killed him. With my own hands.
I fought him too.
What’s going on here…?
We all know each other, but we’re not from the same world.
Huh? What do you mean?

I hate having to explain things.

Ashley, tell me. What happened to the Valdian Commander in the world YOU know?
Well, they say he was killed in Besek by a man named Logue.
What…!? That’s impossible!
It’s time for all of you to wake up and face reality.
Didn’t you realize all this when you were in Valdus’s throne room?
She may be right…
You should’ve all found a phial of liquid after you defeated the King.
Does that phial have something to do with why we were summoned here?
I believe that’s the case.
But… for what purpose…?
My, my, you truly frighten me…
How DO you know so much about this state of affairs?
We’ll see…
This isn’t Besek! Why are we hearing that sound?

And then it was time to face our true enemy.

Princess Lenarshe!? Wh-Why are YOU here?
I had a feeling you were the mastermind.
No! The Princess was an innocent victim in the King’s plot…!
Look closer at the Lenarshe in front of you, Commander!
Why don’t you give up the charade already?
It’s not going to work!
Such arrogance coming from a worthless Falsin!
Princess Lenarshe…? What are you?
How dare you demand an answer from me.
Pleased to meet you, Izel.
The Demon Queen.

Always waiting behind the scenes, manipulating all of the players in this farce.

I’m still surprised you could have that much influence over our world.
You… You knew all this from the start?
Of course. Izel’s been guiding Lenarshe. She’s been directing everything in secret.
There was nothing any of you could have done to stop my return.
I found that Falsin king especially useful…
And to think, he believed he was acting on his own accord…!
He really tried his best to bring me back into this world.
And now, my resurrection is at hand!
I have been awaiting this moment for thousands of years…
Do you really think you foolish mortals are a match for a goddess?
Where’s the Eternal Poison?
What are you talking about? Don’t we all have it? It’s that phial of liquid…
No, that’s just Majin blood used in the ritual.
Izel, where is the real Eternal Poison? Tell me now!

She’s also a real bitch.

You have descended to the depths of my realm. You have slain so many of my children.
You even killed the one who obtained it.
Did you not see? The Eternal Poison flowed through his veins…
Huh…? The Eternal Poison was… Valdus’s blood?
He who rules Besek in my absence is granted the Eternal Poison. It connects the bearer’s life force to Besek.
Your ignorance amuses me, fallen Queen.
It connects his life force to Besek, huh? Is that why every time he was killed, time reversed?
I see now… And the only thing that could stop Valdus from resurrecting is the Librum Aurora, right?
HAHAHA! Eternal life… and eternal suffering. But don’t worry. For you, there will ONLY be suffering!
I will join Alea and Besek and rule over a new world.
You will not stand in my way any longer.
Prepare to die!
Izel, where’s… Princess Lenarshe? What happened to her?

She became the vessel for Izel to enter the world again, and now she is no more.
Huh? No…
Hahaha! Don’t worry, you won’t suffer very long! Just as I took your dear Princess’s life, I will take yours too!

And she thinks far too highly of herself.

Video- “Rebirth”

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Thage, that isn’t my sister anymore, is it…?
It’s something else entirely.
This is all my fault!!!
It really isn’t. Your frustration is misplaced.
Keep it together, Commander.
Save that rage for the battle ahead.
That’s our only chance.
I know that…!
But why didn’t time reset when Valdus was killed!?
Is he gone for good now!?
The fully restored Librum Aurora…
Valdus used it to summon Besek.
So it’s the only thing that could break the Echo of Time.

I had a suspicion about this.
That’s why I let you Falsin restore its power for me.
Valdus is dead now. For good.
But what we now face is much worse than that fool king.
Enough talk. She’s coming!
Is everyone ready?
You will never return to our world, Demon Queen!

Tch! Is THAT what Izel looks like?
Was our Goddess Statue modeled after… Izel…?
Izel is the Goddess of the Majin.
But her image is well-known.
She isn’t OUR Goddess, though.

Rejoice! Your end shall be swift.

Ally Team:
We’ve got our five main characters this time around. They’re in whatever states they were when they finished their most recent run through Besek. We’re doing this with Thage at 27, Olifen at 23, Ashley at 28, Rondemion at 27, and Morpheus at 25. We’ve got everyone but Olifen in pretty great gear, honestly, so this should go well. We’ve also got an array of Majin we can summon if we need them.

Enemy Team:
So, Izel is big, Really big. So big that she is five of the nine targets on the map. The enemies we’ll face here are two Sprites, two Chiropteras, four Arms, and Izel proper. Let’s look at the Arms first.

Gale Arm is mainly vulnerable to Slash attacks and uses Air magic to attack primarily. This means it can cause Bleeds, so be careful if you’ve got people vulnerable to that. Gale Arm is only accessible to two melee targets at a time, so keep that in mind when you’re attacking it.

Stone Arm is the most physically powerful Arm, and it uses Earth magic to attack. Watch for Fractures if anyone near it is vulnerable to those. Stone Arm is vulnerable to Strike attacks but has a crazy high defense stat, and like Gale Arm is only accessible to two people at once as far as melee attacks go.

Frost Arm uses water based attacks and isn’t particularly vulnerable to anything except Fire magic. Even more annoyingly, it regenerates health every time it gets to act. It’s possible to access it with four people in melee if you need to, and it will go down pretty quickly to focused fire.

Blade Arm, unsurprisingly, uses Fire attacks. It’s vulnerable to Pierce attacks, and since it’s not much threat to inflict status until it’s totally out of magic it’s the least annoying Arm. It is the hardest to injure with Thage, though, which does kind of suck.

And here she is, the Goddess of Destruction herself. She’s resistant to all forms of magic, especially Light and Dark. She’s armed with a scary array of magic even before you get to her signature move, Angelic Ray. This spell hits a huge area with massive Meta damage, expect it to do as much as 300 points to some characters. I suspect Thage is immune as it’s still called a spell, but everyone else isn’t so much. Izel is accessible to four people at once just like the Blaze and Frost Arms, just keep in mind that lets her hit a lot of people with the Angelic Ray when her turn comes up. Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough she’s got Regenerate so she’ll heal 300 points every time her turn comes up.


Okay, so before I start describing my initial moves let’s talk really quickly about the layout of the map. This is actually the same base map as Sovereign, we’re just starting in the middle now. Izel’s head is at the previously unused top portion of the map. On the upper right is Frost Arm, and Stone Arm is in the lower right. Opposite them are Blaze Arm and Gale Arm respectively. Frost Arm and Gale Arm are accompanied by Chiropteras, while Blaze and Stone Arms are joined by Sprites. I’m going to start with the more annoying arms, so Olifen, Morpheus, and Thage will head to Frost Arm while Ashley and Rondemion head to Stone Arm. This quickly draws the Chiroptera from the Frost Arm, but it’s laughable as a threat given my party levels.

Aren’t you going to tell us how to destroy it?
We need to remove her LEAST appealing feature first…
In other words, the arms. Got it…?

So yeah, before we’re allowed to attack the head we need to kill all four arms. We quickly put Chiroptera down and advance as planned.

You’re just a hideous creature.
You cannot comprehend my beauty.
I’m glad I can’t.

Seriously Izel is a bitch and has tons of hilariously awful stuff to say during this map, it’s pretty great. The Sprite from Stone Arm is in the way because it wants to die and Ashley moves up to start accommodating its wish.

But it is all in vain.
We should be careful of her arms…!
They each attack differently.
You know so much… and so little!

I get started on the Frost Arm with magic from Morpheus, it’s slightly more effective than physical attacks against it. To support my effort there I have Olifen summon up a Lapis Sylph, it’s a strong healer and will help make up for the fact that Ashley is down with the Stone Arm. Rondemion knocks the Sprite out of the air and actually heads towards the middle to deal with an incoming Chiroptera from Gale Arm. We keep up with our efforts like this for a bit, there’s no rush here after all.

Olifen, my love, are you trying to hurt me…!?

We finally get Olifen in on the Frost Arm, though that does make him the target of all of its attacks from now on. As the last Sprite moves from Blaze Arm’s side, Rondemion finishes the Chiroptera off. He’ll finally be able to start on Stone Arm soon. As we keep the heat on both arms, we’ve got two major annoyances. The first is of course the last Sprite, who we’ll deal with once it pisses us off enough for it to be worth wasting Thage’s time, and the fact that Frost Arm keeps Freezing Olifen. Still, we’re making headway.

Surely, the Princess would never forgive you…
No! You aren’t the Princess! And that’s NOT her body!
Hahaha, of course it isn’t. It’s MINE now.

Sprite takes a shot at Lapis Sylph and that doesn’t amuse me, so it’ll be dealt with shortly. I toss a Combo of Olifen and Morpheus (Thage being load-bearing also lets her Lead, which is nice) at Frost Arm just for fun and then fry the Sprite with a Malusphere. I keep going on both, and soon even with its Regenerate Frost Arm falls to an attack from Morpheus.

Such insolence, from YOU…!
You are merely a husk unworthy of hosting me!
I’m not your host! I’m Ashley!
Hahaha, your only reason for existing is as my vessel!
And you have FAILED at your life’s only purpose!

Stone Arm’s still got a ways to go but we’re making good progress on it and can just send everyone else towards the other side now. The Stone Arm falls about the same time the rest of the party gets close to the Gale Arm, pretty convenient really. Morpheus starts the show on it, and is joined by Olifen since Rondemion isn’t around. While he’s very resistant to Wind Olifen isn’t so much resistant to Physical status, and he gets Bled by Gale Arm’s Aerosphere. Still, it’s no real obstacle to us chopping away at the thing.

It’s foolish to seek out the Goddess of Destruction.
Then you shall die.
Fitting it should be at the hand of your master, though.

Once the Gale Arm is out of Aerosphere I have Olifen cure himself with an item, I don’t want to summon my Unseelie until I really have to. While I’m finishing the Gale Arm off I’m vindicated, because it Diseases Olifen.

Such a pitiful man, deceived by a foolish king…
You can meet him in Hell and continue your grudge!
Thanks, but you’ll be the one going back to Hell!

Rondemion finishes the Gale Arm off with his attack, and now we’re moving everyone up to the Blaze Arm. Olifen summons up an Unseelie to remove his Disease, and we start pounding Blaze Arm down.

We enlightened ones know our existence is our own.
Such idealism…
But you exist only to be sacrificed to me!

Blaze Arm eventually falls, which breaks Izel’s Demon Aura and allows us to advance on her. We want to be careful as we do so, though, because if we bunch up she’ll fry us with her Angelic Ray. Rondemion leads the way alone, he’s got the most health and regenerates so it’s pretty obvious.

You Falsin are arrogant to bar me from my own world.
I don’t stand aside for anyone.
Especially not someone delusional.

So, once we’re engaged with Izel is the time to blow all of our awesome shit like unique moves. We need to do as much damage as possible as quickly as possible because if we start lagging Izel’s healing will extend the fight and her Angelic Rays will smash us. Our first volley of blows is pretty damned successful, taking her down to nearly half without Olifen even joining in yet. Our second assault ends with her annoyingly enough at two damned health following a Last Rites, and she blasts the hell out of everyone who isn’t named Thage. I make sure to heal just in case something dumb happens, then finish the job with a Thage/Morpheus Combo because why not.

You were too confident.
Your arrogance has sealed your fate.
You don’t recognize the true power of your creation.
Hahaha… is that so…?
You shall… regret slaying your Goddess…
I live on… in the Valdian bloodline!
As long as the royal family exists… I will return!

And that’s how everything changed.

Video- “Rebirth Lead Out”

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What have we been doing all this time…!?

What have we been praying to!?
We pray to Holy Atona to find peace and strength, but… it’s all just a lie!
Our Goddess is not the Majin’s Goddess.
I don’t know how to put this exactly…
But what we just fought was a perversion. The image we pray to was created by humans, right? That makes her OUR Goddess.
That statue was created to represent all our hopes, and we pray to it for guidance.
You can’t reject it now, after it’s been so important in your life.
You’re right, Commander…
Thank you.
It’s not important WHAT you believe in… What’s important is how our beliefs empower us.
(He’s so thoughtful…)
(Now I see why my sister truly loved him.)

Well, not everything I guess. Just everything important.

Do you two understand the situation we’re in?
Huh? What situation?
What’s happening!?
The time has come.
Let’s not stand around talking…
I tried to find a way out, but everything around us is transforming and reconstructing itself.
Izel is the creator of this world.
She’s been destroyed, and now this place will be too.
This isn’t Castle Valdia?
The castle is a common point between each of our worlds and Besek.
Are you saying that Besek can connect to all the other worlds out there?
Let’s leave the details for later, though.
WE have to get out of here while we still can.
Goodbye… Lenarshe…

I think those crazy kids will be all right.

You’ve earned your place in the world. Valdia will be glad to have you as its leader.
I just hope I can take care of her people the way she would like me to.
I’ll find what it takes to bring peace to Alea, and I’ll make her proud.
That dream is all that’s left for me.
I wonder what those two will be planning after this.
They’ll be fine.
After all, they made it to the depths of Besek.
That’s true. And what about you?
Hmph, disappear, I guess. This place is as good as any.
Somehow, hearing you say such a thing isn’t quite so surprising, my dear hero.
When a man finishes his final task, it can be most depressing for him to… linger on too long.
I think some people never have a final task. They just keep wanting more.
Hahahaha, like our good friend Belfour, huh? Speaking of “lingering on too long”! Hahaha!
As for myself, though, I believe I may have to start over. Playing the role of the Count is so… draining.
Try to find a less annoying form next time.

And with Besek disappearing I think everyone will breathe a sigh of relief.

Ah, Besek… The death of Izel will surely see this realm fade into memory…
I highly doubt anyone’ll miss it all that much…

I should be going now. Goodbye.
Ah, yes, and a warm farewell to you too, My Princess…

Yes, it’s all over…

Video- “Eternal Poison Credits”

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Even the Librum Aurora is gone now.

And the Librum Aurora, believed to be the only item that can summon Besek, dissolved into the wind.
Lost, forever.
The Majin, mankind’s largest threat, slowly began to disappear from the world…
And for a while, Alea was peaceful.
The truth about King Valdus and Princess Lenarshe was never revealed.
The tales of Besek were kept secret, locked within the hearts of those who ventured there.
The fear of Besek returning one day was shared by almost everyone in Alea.
And fortunately for them, they don’t know that I still carry the Librum Vespera.


This is the end of the tale.
You were there to hear the entire truth.
And for that, you have my thanks.
Maybe we’ll meet again sometime…