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Original Thread: A one-man tour de force: Let's Play Exit Fate! [SSLP]



What's all this, then?
Exit Fate is a role-playing game written and developed by Dutch artist/programmer and goon SCF, whose site can be found here. I'm TheOneAndOnlyT and I'm here to take you through the ins and outs of this great game.

What's so special about this game, anyway?
Exit Fate's main claim to fame (much like its predecessor, Last Scenario) is that it is a fully-fledged, 25+ hour RPG whose art, script, and code were drawn, written, and developed entirely by one person. The only things SCF cannot take credit for are the base game engine, which is provided by RPGMaker, and the music, which is a mishmash of tunes from great SNES/PSX-era RPGs, such as Chrono Trigger, Suikoden, and Xenogears. While not perfect by any means, the sheer size and scope of the game, coupled with the fact that it is actually enjoyable to play, is a monumental achievement.

So how does it play?
Exit Fate is best described as a giant love letter to Suikoden II. The game mainly consists of the usual RPG fare--exploring dungeons, killing monsters, visiting towns, recruiting new characters--interspersed with more strategic "war battles," where the player takes control of a large-scale army. The player also eventually gains access to a castle where the characters live and occasionally offer services. Much like in Suikoden, there are a huge number of characters to recruit (75) and each one offers different benefits to small parties and army units alike.

How are you going to be presenting this game?
This is going to be an informational-style LP. The plot of Exit Fate is decently well-written and there isn't much silliness or mechanics bullshit to make fun of, so I'm mainly going to be letting the game stand on its own merits.

Will you be 100%ing this game?
I will do my best. I will certainly be recruiting all 75 characters and completing the game, but some of the post-game content is really fucking hard, so no promises.

This game seems pretty cool. Where can I get it?
Good question! If you'd like to check out the game yourself, you can download it from SCF's site here.

Before we begin, I would just like to ask folks who have played this game before to refrain from spoilery discussion. Exit Fate's plot is one of its stronger points, and I'd hate for it to be ruined for people new to the game.

Anyway, without further ado, let's get started!

Table of Contents

Art from SCF

Ryan and Ljusalf


Meiko and Royston

Bast and Keyser

The Caretakers

Myst, Midian and Yan Angwa


Squarely Circle reminds us who the most important character in Exit Fate is:

Squarely Circle also draws some tiny noodle people for the thread:

Daigerus asks... what would happen if Derek were a boxing champion?

... what if Royston made the ultimate elderly dessert, the "teacake"?

... what if the two of them were chibi-fied?

And Squarely Circle gives us a fabulous rendition of Trevor and Sick:

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