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Part 191: Holy woman violated / Choice

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

The light coming in from the ceiling pushes back the darkness.
Every entrance and every window is sealed off, but even that cannot block out the sunlight.
Even the place that should be covered in darkness benefits from the break of dawn.


"Hm, ah"

In that regard, this underground temple is not perfect.
Light exposes all secrets without reservation.
The hidden temple was easily discovered, and its master was easily eliminated as well.
There are traces of blood on the floor.
The original owner of this temple was killed by an intruder.
The supervisor of the Holy Grail War, Kotomine Kirei, was removed from the stage by Caster's hand.

"Kuh…… ah, hah……"

That battle happened a few hours ago.
The underground regained its silence.
The new master of the church is standing in the darkness.
But the winner scorns herself.
Caster glares at the darkness with an irritated look.

First of all, this temple is unpleasant.
Neither the sanctuary nor the secret sanctuary hidden beneath it suit her taste.
The intruding light is unpleasant, and the priest she killed was unpleasant as well.
And most importantly, the crucial objective has not been accomplished yet.
She is shocked at how poorly things are going, and she even considers reducing this whole place to ashes.

"Fu, haa…… ah."

Fortunately, she refrains from such violence.
It is not because she regained her composure, nor is it because of respect towards the church.

She suppressed her emotion only because of this sound.
Faint, periodic sounds.
A woman's painful voice is like fine music to her.
She forgets her troubles and enjoys the spectacle.

"Hm! Ah, haa, ah……!"

The groaning sounds of pain come from a girl.
The groans would inspire either compassion or sadistic pleasure in those who may hear them.
It does not need to be said that she falls under the latter category.
Sweat drips down her forehead.

……you'd think she and Rin would get along better.

"You are doing very well, Saber. I would never have expected you to resist the Command Spell for a whole night."
She talks with delight.

What the hell is she wearing?

"HmHm, ah"
At the back of the temple…
The girl hangs, only able to gasp.
As long as she opposes the Command Spell, free will does not exist for Saber.

Worse still, a magic so strong that it is visible tortures Saber's body.
The Command Spell pressures her from the inside and Caster's magic tortures her from the outside.
The torture is more unbearable than having her body wounded.

"Ah, ahh, hm……!"

Saber's reasoning has already been melted away.
Only the last remnants of her pride hold her back.
Neither the Command Spell nor Caster's magic can take away that deep root.

Therefore, the torture continues forever.
Caster watches the processhow the girl desperately tries to hold her ground.
It was Caster that dressed her in this white costume.
The armor does not suit her.
If she is untainted, she should be in a pure white dress when she falls.

"…Fufu. How brave of you.
No matter how much you resist with your will, that Servant body of yours is different.
You can tell that the Command Spell is slowly infringing on your mind, right? You will be mine in less than a day. In that case, is it not easier to give up now and become mine?"

"Kuh, hm……!"
The voice protests painfully.
Even though her reasoning is melted, Saber does not yield to Caster.
As Caster says, she will endure this torture until the Command Spell fully controls her body.

"You are stubborn, Saber. …But I shall forgive you.
I like girls like you. That golden hair, small body, the boyish gallant figure, everything is so cute. And I love your loyalty for trying to choose death over betrayal.
Really, I want to step on you and crush you."

She looks at the girl with eyes filled with joy and hatred.
If Caster put her mind to it, she could get Saber to surrender in an instant.

Saber's freedom is lost from fighting one Command Spell.
Then, the result is obvious if Caster uses a second Command Spell.
Saber will become Caster's without the need for such torture.

"Kuh… Haa, ah!"
But she will not do such an inelegant thing.
Caster should take time training her, since she is a lovely toy.
For Caster, Saber is a tool with first-class appearance and ability.
It is natural for her to savor this rare jewel.

"…Yes. It is boring to control your body using the Command Spell.
I will have you become my Servant out of your own will. …Yes, I will destroy your mind before your body."
Caster glares with bewitching eyes at the girl in the white dress.
She almost forgets about the Holy Grail. She thinks about Saber and imagines transforming her into a slave.

She will make the girl into a tainted slave.

What the fuck, Nasu?!

When she imagines it and smiles…

Music: Stop

"What are you doing there, Caster?"
An unemotional voice suddenly calls her from behind.

Music: Wandering Shadow

Caster changes her attitude right away.
Her expression changes from one filled with joy and irritation to that of a tense Servant.

"Why are you here…? I believe I asked you to stay at the Ryudou Temple."
"I questioned you first, Caster. I asked you what you are doing here."

The manKuzuki Souichirou does not change the tone of his voice.
The flat voice is more terrifying than any threat.
A voice without emotion is like a mirror.
A guilty conscience.
The voice is more fearful to those with greater guilt.
One is questioned not by Kuzuki, but by one's own mind.

Caster holds her hands on her chest and reports to Kuzuki.
He is not one that can be fooled.
No, she cannot bear to tell a lie to this person.

"I have taken away a Servant last night from one of the Masters, Emiya Shirou. …I let Emiya Shirou go, but he is no longer a Master. If he is smart, he should not oppose us anymore."

"I see. But I have not given such an order."
"I acted arbitrarily, Master.
After that, I attacked the church to obtain the 'vessel' of the Holy Grail. I have killed the priest, the caretaker of the Holy Grail, but the Grail's whereabouts are unknown."
"That was your decision as well, huh? You must not have returned because you could not find the Holy Grail. …Hm. But it is a place you obtained after much trouble. It would be meaningless to abandon it without finding what you are after."

Kuzuki's words are not criticizing her.
But Caster can only be ashamed of herself.
She killed the priest who knew where the Holy Grail was, but she still does not have the Holy Grail.
Furthermore, she has revealed her own action which should have been hidden from him. What else can she call it but a total failure?

"Then I cannot move away from here. Your troubles will be for nothing if other Masters find the Holy Grail while we are absent."
"Then, Master…"
"You can search this place until you are satisfied. I shall remain here until you are done. You alone are not fit for fighting. You will need a guard until Saber is under your control."

"Huh? N-No, there is no need for that. I do not need your help, and I do not know how long the search will take.
And this place is dangerous. You will be safer if you return to the Ryudou Temple."
"That is true. But if I do that, I cannot fulfill my objective."

Those words are unexpected even for Caster.
What kind of an objective does this man have, who has no interest even in the Holy Grail which can grant any wish?

"Souichirou-sama, then…"
"Hurry. I do not care if it is not here. Just make sure you come up with a clear result."
With that, Kuzuki goes back up the stairs.
Caster watches him go in blank amazement.
The dark room is still silent.
The footsteps going up the stairs still cannot be heard.

Music: Stop

Music: Midnight Interval

"The wound isnot a problem."
I check the wound on my left shoulder.
It still hurts, but there's no intense pain like last night.
The heat in my body has gone away somewhat.
It shouldn't be a problem for me to move around.

"All right."
I reapply the bandage.
The wound has turned dark blue.
It hasn't healed up, and I can see fresh red meat.

"Of course. Saber's not here."
I disinfect it, put gauze over it, and wrap bandages around it.
It's a primitive first-aid treatment to wrap and constrict the wound, but I have to do this so it won't get any worse.
"All done. I'll need a weapon now."

But that's meaningless to me.
I feel no cold.
My body is burning and I want to pour ice water over myself.
But this is much better than the condition I was in last night.

I carry the shinai bag over my right shoulder and head outside.
The place I've lived at for so long.
The shed was like my own room, but I don't turn to look at it.