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Part 286: Cinema - Ilya (III)

As requested by Jefepotato, here's the other interesting option.

Why don't you? This is why you don't.

Music: Time Together

"Why are you silent? I won't be deceived by that face. I'm not going to apologize if you're not either. If you don't like me, then I'll"

"I've decided. A Servant. I'll be your Servant just this once in compensation for breaking my promise."

"…Turn you into a doll… Wait, a Servant!?"

So that's where they got the Shirou doll they're always beating up in Tiger Dojos.

"Yeah. There's nothing I can do that will keep my promise, right? So I'll obey you just once. Wouldn't that make you feel a bit better?"

"I know. That's why I'm going to obey you, like you used a Command Spell. You'll only be able to use it once, but I won't break my promise with you, no matter what. Will you trust me if that's the case?"

"T-Trust you…? But I don't have a Command Spell I can use against you…"

"No, but I'll keep my promise. There's no contract or Command Spell, but I'll treat it like an order from a Command Spell.
We're both Masters. I swear on my Crest that I won't betray something I recognize as a Command Spell."

"Of course. It's a Command Spell we're talking about. I'll do anything, as long as it's possible for me to do."
I reply to her wary gaze with a big smile.

A long silence.
Ilya averts her eyes and clenches her fists.

"……Okay. Then, I want……"
Did I mishear her?
It's a Command Spell we're talking about here, but her wish is a small one.

"Ilya…? Hold on, it's a Command Spell. I'm going to do anything you say. Are you sure that's all you want?"

"I-I'm not holding back! You liar! You said you'd do anything!"

"Uh, but… is that really all you want!? Because such a trifling matter…"
…It's something I'd easily be able to do, even without a Command Spell forcing me.

There's no way I can question her now.
No matter how trivial it may be, it's her wish.
ThenI have to protect her as her knight.

"All right. I'm sorry for saying such a stupid thing.
Let's go, Ilya. It's a small shopping district, but it should be fun with the two of us."

I can feel my face heating up as I say the embarrassing words.
My face is turning red.
But I hold my hand out to Ilya without trying to hide it.

Music: Stop

…I don't know how much meaning her wish held for her.
We walk through the shopping district not like Masters, but like siblings.
Ilya runs through the familiar scenery with lit up eyes.

A hot can must be interesting for her, as she runs to the park with both our drinks in hand.

The end comes, no matter how much I wish for this not to end and no matter how much I bite my lips for her to not push herself.
The shopping district here is small.
No matter how slowly we take it, we can work our way through the whole place in about an hour.

Music: Madder Red Town

Ilya turns to me.
I sit down on the bench, thinking that she must want to rest here.

"Ilya? Aren't you sitting down?"

"Here's your drink, Shirou. You get coffee, and I get sweet red-bean soup."

Ilya takes my drink from her pocket and hands it to me.
…The only item she asked me to buy her was her drink.

"But how did you know about sweet red-bean soup? They don't have it back home, right?"

"Right. It's the first time I've ever seen it. I was told I shouldn't be able to drink it because it's too sweet."

Ilya takes a step, smiling.

She twirls to the middle of the park.

"I'll lift the Command Spell here. It was only a short while, but thanks, Shirou."
Her voice is clear.
Smiling resolutely, Ilya announces that her dream has come to an end.

"Wha'thanks'? Why? It hasn't even been an hour yet. We can go to Shinto if you're bored with the shopping district. That place is far better than…"

I'm a Master who came to kill Shirou, and you're fighting me for your own good. Our relationship was set in stone before we met."

How can I respond to that?
Ilya yearns for ordinary life more than me, but she casts away her wishes far more readily.

"I see. Then when we leave this park…"

"Yes, we'll be enemies. If we meet again during nighttime, we'll have to continue the fight.
If you don't want me to kill you, you'll have to kill me first."

Music: Stop

Video: Daughter of Winter (mirror)

"Wow! It's snowing, Shirou!"
Her lively voice catches my attention.
A distant scenery is in front of me when I look back at the park.

Music: 'Die Lorelei' - Philipp Friedrich Silcher

I doubt for a second, thinking it's an illusion.
It's not because of the snow, but because of the dancing girl.

The snow must be temporary.
It looks like it'll stop soon.

…Within the indistinct winter, Ilya is completely surrounded in white snow.
The silver-haired girl is playing in the temporary snow as if loved by winter.

"Aha, the snow in this town is warm. This is the first time I've seen normal snow."
I don't know what's so fun, but Ilya keeps twirling around.

"You're energetic. Do you like snow, Ilya?"
"Yeah. I don't like cold things, but I like the snow. It's kind and like my mom. I was praised that my hair is white and feminine."

"It's beautiful. So it snows in the land Kiritsugu used to live in, huh?"

Her smile isn't directed at me.
…Ilyasviel von Einzbern.
The white girl that came to kill my father.
Why she was after Kiritsugu, why she wants to kill me…
…These things I already know.

The man that betrayed Einzbern.
Kiritsugu abandoned everything and started living in this town.
I, an unrelated child, pursued him as his son.
I didn't learn about all the sacrifices that made this life possible until I became a Master.

"Good-bye, Shirou. I'll play with you again if I ever see you walking around alone!"

The white girl leaves the park with an innocent smile.

Music: Stop