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Part 395: Femme fatale / Tiger Dojo 40

This final dead end occurs if you try to save Saber instead of choosing to kill her after she's defeated.

Music: Ever-present Feeling

She's just looking up at me.
She's staring at me without emotion or interest.

Only a few days.
It's only been eight days since the night I lost her.
…No I should say it's already been eight days.
It's been that long since I lost her clear, golden hair and her gentle, green eyes.

I can still clearly recall her silver armor and the beauty of her attacks.
Even though I knew nothing, she accepted me as her Master, serving as my sword to the very end.

No matter how many times she was wounded and faced death.
Her determination never wavered.

I won't forget about it.
I can't forget about that night, that miracle.
The golden hair shining under the moonlight.

An eternal scene that will never be lost, no matter how much she changes.

"Sa, ber."
…The dagger falls.
Not onto her chest, but onto the ground.

Music: Stop

The black swordsman says nothing.
Her body's completely healed now.
…It's probably because of the enormous amount of Sakura's magical energy.
Her body's not the only thing that healed, as her magical energy is charged as well.

"Shirou. I have cursed you for the first time."
I can understand Saber's hatred.
"You are telling me to kill you."
It's natural that she's disappointed.

"Very well.
As you wish, I shall"

The cave rumbles.
What's happening off in the darkness?
A rumbling, like a death cry, comes from the way Tohsaka went.

I don't know if it's because of the vibration, but Saber's body is sinking into the ground.
No, she's being swallowed up by her own shadow.

"Give me your hand, Saber…!"
"I shall postpone your execution. Sakura is asking for help."


", "

I suddenly wake up.
I realize I'm sleeping in an unfamiliar place.

…No, something's wrong.
Something's wrong, but I can't put my finger on it.

"…The dagger… I have to take the dagger."
I pull the Azoth sword from the ground.
That's odd.
Why is the dagger that was in my hand sticking out of the ground?

I tighten the restraint on my left arm.
I've used up most of the magical energy.
What's left in Archer's arm and myself.
I should be able to do more if I combine them, but I can only manage one more projection. I won't be able to suppress Archer's arm after that.

…I'm forgetting something.
…But I should hurry for now.
My body's stiff.
I feel like I'm a tin man.

……Someone's calling for me in the distance.
The voice,

the unfamiliar voice,

feels like something important, and I move my tin body forward.

It takes time to go through the cave.
The rumbling has already stopped.
A warm wind that makes me want to vomit is coming from the back.

Remember this? It's been awhile.

My left arm hurts.
My brain shreds a little more with each step, and my thoughts are crumbling apart like a collapsing building.

This is the last stage.
The final destination, where Sakura hid herself, Zouken lurked, and Tohsaka has now gone.
But it's too quiet.
I don't feel any battles going on.
Everything's so intensely white that I can't find Zouken's laughter, Tohsaka's figure, or Sakura's downcast expression.

I walk forward without a thought for what might have happened.
I don't have time or energy to waste on that.
My thoughts are a precious resource right now.
I can project one more time.
I can't degrade my final weapon with unnecessary speculation.

A pillar of light that's like a black sun.

…Stands Sakura, transfigured to black.

Sakura looks at me with wonder.
Red eyes without emotion.


Music: All Evil of the World

The coldness of her eyes brings everything to a halt.
How stupid.
I made the same mistake again.

I'm sorry, I'll call myself back.
It was a mistake to arrange them at the exit to surprise you."

She smiles.
At that instant, my spine turns to ice.
Sakura's smile is so unlike her that it makes me forget about what I have to say or what I have to project.

"Sakura. Where's Tohsaka?"
I ask a stupid question.
Completely forgetting about bringing Sakura back, I ask something I don't need to, something that's readily apparent.

My question hasn't taken her by surprise.
It seems she's pitying me for failing to grasp something so obvious.

The air's hot.
It feels like the wind on my skin is melting my body.

The only sign of human life is here.
…By Sakura's feet.
A cloth that looks like a ribbon is on the ground, dyed in black.

Tohsaka's presence is gone.
Tohsaka's body is gone.
Tohsaka's bloodstain doesn't even exist.

"Sakura, you…"

"Yes, you're right. Nee-san's nowhere in this world now.

BecauseI consumed her just now."

"Oh, I didn't leave any leftovers.
I finished every bit of her body and mind. Even with this body, I still remember my manners."

"But Nee-san isn't dead. She's still suffering inside of me.

…Hah. So she was a virgin. I'm letting her experience what I've been through, but she's already crying on the first day."

Oh… How cute of you to say that. She said 'please let me out of here, Sakura.'

Stupid Nee-san. I want to have more fun if you say that."

"Fufu, I might lose myself since it's so good.

Thanks for the food, Senpai. The person you brought me was a delicious treat."

"Sakura, you"
…You went too far, too far away for me to retrieve you.

…Don't you know it's your own fault? You spared Saber, so Nee-san wasn't able to kill me in the end.
If Saber hadn't come to save me, I would've been killed instead."


"But I'm so happy. You saved Saber and me, and you killed Nee-san.

"No, I…"

"Nee-san's been asking for your help. You should go to her and hold her hand or something."

The shadow falls.
The light from the pillar's blocked off as if a giant wall is created.

…Black shadows emerge.
I don't know where they came from, but the giants surround me like a prison.

There's nowhere to run.
The giants melt into each other, becoming a tidal wave that surges over me.

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 40 (mirror)

Music: Time Together

All right! An erotic development that will keep you in animalistic passion for life awaits you

Music: Stop

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

Geez, you can't do anything suspenseful like this!

I love having monsters you had a hard time killing come back after the ending credits and "fin" come up.

Oh, Senpai. Long time no see.

Geez. This is all because you were confined by lingering affection.
You can only save one. That's the decision you made coming into the final battle, so stick with it no matter what.

Osu, that's splendid, master.
…But are you sure there's no ending to save Saber?

You're brutally honest, but that's exactly right.
There's no ending in Sakura-chan's route to make Saber-chan happy, so all you Saber-chan supporters can give up.

Wow, there's that many?
What happens if you collect all the stamps, Taiga?

You'll see after you collect them all.
The main story's about to end, so it might be fun to use the skip function and start over if you haven't seen a particular dojo.

Anyway, thanks for playing the game until now!
The main story's about to end, so please keep at it!

Goodbye! Let's meet again after you fully complete the game!

Also, since this is the last dojo, it's appropriate to show the last mini theater here.

Video: Mini Theater 3